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The Girdle of Melian · 2d ago

Jaunt Round the Blogosphere II!

one fishing...Or, more accurately, I'm wading in school work and a bit of my own writing (how's that for a mini-ROW80 update?).This week, then, I leave you with links!I've done this a few times before: my most recent jaunt round the blogosphere was i...
The Girdle of Melian · 6d ago

Mini Book Reviews, a Blanket, and ROW80

ooks!In between readings for school, here's what I've been reading:Summer Fire by Sally Wentworth, because it has the same name as my novel, coming out in December!This book was published in 1980.Let's just say that tastes and conventions in romance ...
The Girdle of Melian · 2W ago

IWSG Day, and RIP Tom Petty

oday is Insecure Writer's Support Group Day!Today is also show your insecurity day!Love se...
The Girdle of Melian · 3W ago

My Cover Reveal, and ROW80 Goals

ntroducing...The Dirty Bits, from Carina Press!"A new line that’s meant to be fun, sassy and, well, dirty. Although these romances are shorter in length, we are definitely not compromising on that high heat level we’re known for.The Dirty Bits from C...
The Girdle of Melian · 4W ago

Snips and Character Faces

oday is snip day!I’ll break up the text with some photos of the characters involved.Summer FireAyşe Meral had been in Istanbul for two weeks and hadn’t had a single moment to herself since the day she’d landed. ... Family members, touristy sites, end...
The Girdle of Melian · 1M ago

Summertime Photos from Founex, Switzerland

hotos from a staycation!Not exactly, as these were taken over the course of the summer, an...
The Girdle of Melian · 1M ago

Summertime Travels III: Scotland: Culross, Dunfermline, and Edinburgh, plus Outlander! and IWSG Day!

cotland!I've already shared a bit of this trip, in my review of the stage performance of T...
The Girdle of Melian · 1M ago

Summertime Travels II: Huddersfield, Holmfirth, Manchester, London, and the Midlands

ngland again!I have some more photos of our recent, short trip: Sherlock Holmes, on the walk between train stations in London
The Girdle of Melian · 1M ago

Summertime Travels I: Oxford!

xford!We were taking trains back and forth to the Midlands on a recent visit to see family...
The Girdle of Melian · 2M ago

Reviews! Terry Lynn Johnson, and Tolkien's Leaf by Niggle on Stage

nother book review today!I was very excited to receive a copy of the first book in Terry Lynn Johnson's Survivor Diaries series.I don't read adventure books that often, but really enjoy them...