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The Graphic Mac · 2d ago

Your logo design: “That’s a nut sack. No doubt. Nuts.”

Your logo design: "That's a nut sack. No doubt. Nuts" Related posts: About logo design How to design the perfect logo [Infographic] 60 expert logo design tips
The Graphic Mac · 1W ago

Apple Park 1 Year Recap (Video)

Construction of the Apple Park in the last year. While so much has been done in the last year, it still appears that there's a whole lot of work left. Related posts: Apple Campus 2 construc...
The Graphic Mac · 1W ago

Free font: Againts

Beautiful. Free. Grab it. Related posts: Free font: Jane Austen Free font: Rickman Script Free font: Bira
The Graphic Mac · 1W ago

Bad design habits to drop

There are always exceptions to every rule, but there are very few exceptions to THESE rules. Related posts: The A-B-Cs of logo design Does a logo design NEED to work in black & white? Adv...
The Graphic Mac · 2W ago

Free stone cold textures

Grab one or all 10 of these high-quality stone & concrete textures. Related posts: Free high-res concrete textures Free concrete textures Free textures: Grunge bricks
The Graphic Mac · 2W ago

Amazon Prime coming to Apple TV this fall. Maybe.

Ahhhh the famous "people familiar with" source... Related posts: Suitcase Fusion 5 brings Creative Cloud compatibility Suitcase Fusion 4 gains Adobe Creative Suite 6 compatibility Font ch...
The Graphic Mac · 3W ago

Apple’s AirPods: 98% Customer Satisfaction

Apple's AirPods are an inarguable smash hit. But... Related posts: Who owns that Web site you designed? Type foundries you’ve never heard of before “My opinion is that management of the a...
The Graphic Mac · 3W ago

Quickly change blend modes in Photoshop

One of the most frequent things you'll find yourself doing with layers in your Photoshop document is changing blend modes to something like Multiply (great for shadows) or Overlay. Moving yo...
The Graphic Mac · 4W ago

Get control of your Time Machine backup schedule

Apple's Time Machine backup feature runs once per hour, every hour—even when you don't need or want it to. The problem is that it's often unnecessary and soaks up a lot of system resources w...
The Graphic Mac · 1M ago

Advice: When to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign

I belong to a lot of design forums and Facebook Groups and the question I see more often than I care to think about is "which app should I use to do X?" Related posts: Duotone support in Ad...