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The Hare Illustratère · 10M ago

To Share or Not to Share?

Recently at an SCBWI event, the speaker, Grace Maccarone, executive editor of Holiday House warned never to share ideas as someone else could take it and get it out and in the stores first. ...
The Hare Illustratère · 11M ago

In Case You Missed It... The Art & Fear of Crit Groups

One of the lovely things about finding the right for you crit group is the feeling that you've found your tribe. The right critique group becomes the trusted, safe environment where you can ...
The Hare Illustratère · 12M ago

Hoppy Easter!

Golden Bunny Green © Diana Ting Delosh - Ink brush pen, watercolor & digitalWishing everyone a very HOPPY EASTER!Website: dianadelosh.comtwitter: @dtdelosh
The Hare Illustratère · 1Y ago

Happy 1st Day of Spring!

Purple Crocus © Diana Ting Delosh - Ink Brush, watercolorAh-h-h-h Spring. The trees are budding. Crocuses are blooming. The birds are singing and there's even been a bunny sighting in my bac...
The Hare Illustratère · 1Y ago

In Case you missed it...Groundhog Waltz, Illustration Process

Just in case you missed it, over at my D2PB Group Blog, I shared my illustration process behind my Groundhog Waltz illustration.My tools from L to R: mechanical pencil, 0.7mm HB black lead, ...
The Hare Illustratère · 1Y ago

Little Red Postcard Design

I'm aiming for 3 postcard mailings in 2016. Here's the first, featuring a detail from my Little Red illustration on the front and Groundhog Waltz on the back. These are large postcards, roug...
The Hare Illustratère · 1Y ago

Happy Year of the Monkey!

Monkey © Diana Ting Delosh - Ink, Brush pen, WatercolorFYI: this illustration is available as a Year of the Monkey Card at Wishing ALL a Happy, Creative ...
The Hare Illustratère · 1Y ago

Happy Groundhogs Day!

Groundhog Waltz © Diana Ting Delosh - Ink & watercolor  HAPPY Groundhogs Day 2016!I hope spring is on the way.Hear that Groundhogs in the area? Do your happy dance and bring us an early spri...
The Hare Illustratère · 1Y ago

Meet the Artist - Self Portrait

Meet the Artist - Self Portrait © Diana Ting Delosh - Brush Pen, indigo wash, PhotoshopI've been meaning to do a Meet the Artist style of self portrait ever since I started spying them onlin...
The Hare Illustratère · 1Y ago

Drawn to Picture Books - Group Blog

Current banner for the DrawnToPictureBooks blogI'm really honored and happy to be a part of the bloggers. As you can see by the icons in our banner, there ar...