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Becky Weeks Petrocel... Homeschool mom to two, and wife to a Music Minister all living in the Sunshine State. Every day is ...

Reads about: homeschool, homeschooling, family, christian, reviews

Carolyn Walton

Reads about: simple living, urban homesteading, organic

Sunny Bee We are just beginning our education on how to transform our suburban home to a more self-sustainable...

Reads about: gardening, urban homesteading, urban farming, family, food

Natacia Zaricor

Reads about: family, homeschool, etsy, art, homeschooling

Amanda Schmitz-Oachs

Reads about: homesteading, gardening, chickens, urban homesteading, homeschooling

Rhonda Crank The Farmer's Lamp - Old Timey Wisdom in a Modern Day - I am a generational farmsteader. We run an or...

Reads about: homesteading, gardening, farming, organic, diy

Lynn Szwalkiewicz Frugal, vegetarian, Pentecostal, and a brand new Urban Homesteader.

Reads about: homesteading, gardening, urban farming, urban homesteading, simple living

Penny K. Prince

Reads about: homesteading, urban homesteading, fiber arts, crafts, gardening

Darla Williams Fergu...

Reads about: simple living, organic, urban homesteading, crafts

Marybel Salis

Reads about: urban homesteading, gardening, urban farming, cooking, chickens

Sara Jane O'Shea I'm a mommy blogger teaching my children at home all day, every day. Yes, it's crazy. Yes, it's f...

Reads about: family, homeschool, simple living, organic, christian

Amber Kunce

Reads about: simple living, urban homesteading, organic

Jacque Starr

Lover of chocolate, quiet, music, human rights, girlfriends, fun. Momma to nine. Sister, daughte...

Reads about: torah, homeschooling, family, christian, urban homesteading

Heidi Gonzales I am Jon's Mom and Jerry's wife. I am a plant science major, almost done. I like to read and write...

Reads about: homesteading, gardening, cooking, homeschooling, family

Patricia Najafabadi

Reads about: animal rights, urban homesteading, veganism, organic gardening, vegan

Kimberly Rose Diehl

Reads about: homesteading, urban homesteading, gardening, cooking, chickens

Richard Ladner

Reads about: homesteading, survival, preparedness, gardening, cooking

Patrick Whalen Homesteading, gardening, crafts, outdoor living

Reads about: homesteading, writing, civil war, gardening, christian

Melissa Groat

Reads about: family, christian, frugal, christianity, coupons

Kelly Griffith Harri...

Reads about: homesteading, christian, recipes, homeschooling, food

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