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The Island Cats Every Cat wants to be an Island Cat

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The Island Cats · 3d ago

What’s That Ernie Doing?

If I sit on it, she can’t pack it. And if she can’t pack it, she can’t go anywhere. Right?...
The Island Cats · 4d ago

You’re Tickling My Belly!

Wally! Dude…wake up! You’re snoring and it’s tickling my belly. A note from the Island Cat Mom: Seriously…how can Wally sleep like this? I’ve seen him sleeping in some of the strangest posit...
The Island Cats · 6d ago

Easy E’s Rainy Day Selfie Sunday

Oh my cod, you guys. The nice weather we had the past couple of days is gone…and it’s morp...
The Island Cats · 1W ago

Snug as a Bug

I’m snug as a bug in…no…not a rug…a hammick! Y’know…that orange stripey cat isn’t the only one that loves sleeping in the hammick. I love mine, too. And this is where I plan to spend a lot o...
The Island Cats · 1W ago

What’s That Wally Doing?

Hey guys. I know you can’t see it or feel it but ♫ ♪ The heat is on…the heat is on, yeah…t...
The Island Cats · 1W ago

Hard Working Garden Center Cats

Hey guys! Ernie here.  Y’know…we haven’t featured the garden center cats, Chip and Slim, l...
The Island Cats · 1W ago

Easy E’s Protecting the Tissue Paper Selfie Sunday

Hey guys. Do you see what I’m sitting on? It’s the tissue paper from Christmas. I bet you ...
The Island Cats · 2W ago

Footsie Friday – Fun Facts About a Cat’s Paws

Don’t I have cute feet? But y’know…not only are they cute…my paws are quite fascinating…an...
The Island Cats · 2W ago

What’s That Wally Doing?

Wally! What are you doing there in the cushions? I’m looking for the remote. It’s missing and there’s a good show on Animal Planet I wanna watch. So did you find it? Nope. But I found a coup...
The Island Cats · 2W ago

A Little Too Much Love

Awww…Wally. I love ya, bro! And to show you, I’m gonna give you a big hug. Ack! That’s a little too much love, Ernie! Let go!