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The Island Cats Every Cat wants to be an Island Cat

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The Island Cats · 20h ago

Easy E’s Twofer Selfie Sunday

Wally, are you sure you know what you’re doing? Y’know, I have a reputation of taking grea...
The Island Cats · 2d ago

Happy ‘Tocktober!

It’s time to celebrate ‘Tocktober! What’s ‘Tocktober? It’s a tradition that was started years ago by our furiend, Derby, of showing our ‘tocks…as known as rearend, backside, buttocks, you ge...
The Island Cats · 4d ago

What’s That Wally Doing?

A love affair… I love you, mousie. C’mere…lemme give you a little kiss. I can’t control myself around you, mousie. I just wanna lick you and lick you and lick you some more. I don’t know wha...
The Island Cats · 6d ago

Global Cat Day 2017 – An Update on Chip & Slim, the Garden Center Cats

Hey guys. Wally here…along with Ernie. We’ve got something special to talk about today. It’s Global Cat Day…or what used to be called National Feral Cat Day. Alley Cat Allies, the group that...
The Island Cats · 1w ago

Easy E’s Sorta Blooper Selfie Sunday

Hey guys. Y’know…I’m always looking for creative ways to take my selfie. However, it doesn...
The Island Cats · 1W ago

It’s Someone’s Birthday Today

In honor of your special day, Lady with the Yellow Hair, I promise not to hiss at you today. I figure, it’s the least I can do.
The Island Cats · 1W ago

What’s That Wally Doing?

Hey! You guys wanna see me do something funny? Of course you do! *SLURP* There ya go! Did ...
The Island Cats · 1W ago

Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Talk About

Hi everyone. It’s the Island Cat Mom here. Wally and Ernie always seem to have very intere...
The Island Cats · 2W ago

Easy E’s Selfie Sunday

Hey guys. I took a break from playing with my Kitty Kick Stix to take my selfie for today. But once again, I forgot to look at the flashy box. Oh well…. I’m pawticipating in The Cat on My He...
The Island Cats · 2W ago

Messy Boy Cats

Hi everybuddy. Y’know…those boy cats really know how to make a mess. Just look at this roo...