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The Island Cats Every Cat wants to be an Island Cat

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The Island Cats · 19h ago

Easy E’s Not-Photobombed Selfie Sunday

So here I was…sitting on the windowseat…getting ready to take my selfie…when this happened...
The Island Cats · 2d ago

I Don’t Think You Wear It This Way #PMTphotohunt

It’s our first time pawticipating in Picture Me This…a fun, new, weekly Pet Photohunt challenge started by A Tonk’s Tail. This week’s word is “SILKY.” Well, my furs are quite silky so just a...
The Island Cats · 4d ago

What’s That Wally…er…make that…Chip & Slim Doing?

Hey guys. I know this is my day to let you all know what I’m doing, but honestly, I haven’t been doing much…just a lot of napping, eating, playing, being antagonized by Ernie…y’know…same ol’...
The Island Cats · 6d ago

Happy Presidents’ Day!

Hey guys! Wally here. Today is Presidents’ Day in the U.S. of A…a day to honor the preside...
The Island Cats · 1w ago

Easy E’s Capitulated Selfie Sunday

Here I was…sitting on the mom’s lap while she was working on the computer. She reminded me...
The Island Cats · 1W ago

It’s Zoey’s Gotcha Day!

That’s right…it’s my GOTCHA DAY! It was 9 years ago today that I stepped inside that steel...
The Island Cats · 1W ago

What’s That Wally Doing?

Hey guys. We finally have some sunshine…and the way the sun comes through the window and h...
The Island Cats · 1W ago

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! We hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with lots of hugs, smooches and most of all LOVE!
The Island Cats · 1W ago

A Complicated Bromance

Hey guys. Wally here. One minute me and Ernie are all like this. Then about 5 minutes later… We’re all like that. Yep…you could say we have a complicated bromance.
The Island Cats · 2W ago

Easy E’s Valentine Selfie Sunday

With Valentine’s Day coming up this week, I decided to show some love to my Yeowww nip heart and take a selfie with it. Not only does it smell niplicious…it makes a pretty good pillow, too. ...