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The Joby Chronicle · 11M ago


Don't ask me anymore,where I'm goingwith that gun in my hand;it is my right to own it,it is my right to do with itas I please;this is America!The whole countryis the Wild, Wild West,2016!Whe...
The Joby Chronicle · 1Y ago

When The Purple Rain Stops Falling

You taught methat doves cry;you made your guitargently weep,under a purple rain;you were sacredand profane,all in one song;nothing,and no onecompares to you;you took funkto a whole nother le...
The Joby Chronicle · 1Y ago

The Autobiography of J.P.

I’m writing my autobiography,where God is doing the foreword,and the epilogue;excuse me, if it goes astray;I’m not sure how the rest of itis going to go,but I can guarantee two things,if tha...
The Joby Chronicle · 1Y ago

Je Suis Un Poete, Je Suis Paris

Paris, Paris,I want to shed tears for you,but that would not bring back your fallen;I want to be angry for you,but where would I begin?And to whom would I direct my anger?Would that undo ano...
The Joby Chronicle · 1Y ago

A Different Kind of Blue

There's something about listening to Joni Mitchell,while driving in the rain;It's the essence of jazz;It's the essence of all that ispure and holy;like the love of three significant women in...
The Joby Chronicle · 1Y ago

A Eulogy For An Examined Life

(for Julian Bond)If not for him,and people like him--What?What would we be?Who would we be?America,the idea of it;the promise of it;the hope for it,to be better than it is;to be better than ...
The Joby Chronicle · 1Y ago

Saddest Lines

Like Neruda,tonight, I can write the saddest lines;Write, for example--Young woman, full of life,Starting new chapter
The Joby Chronicle · 1Y ago

Kalief Browder Killed Himself Today

We failed you, my young brother;we were supposed to look out for you;supposed to take care ofthe least of these;
The Joby Chronicle · 1Y ago

Poet Joseph Powell, appearing @2015 Tucson Festival Of Books

Just a shout-out to those of you who may still check this blog periodically--I am still alive, by the way. If you're in the Tucson, AZ area, please come check me out at the Tucson Festival O...
The Joby Chronicle · 1Y ago

Auld Lang Syne

As we come to the close of yet another year, I am struck by the effect that choices, even one singular life choice, can have on, not only one's life, but on the lives within the realm of tha...