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The Kate Escape · 3M ago

My Favorite Muckbang Videos: Trisha Paytas

The Kate Escape · 3M ago

Favorite Muckbang Videos: Chris Crocker

The Kate Escape · 3M ago

My Favorite Muckbang Videos: Grace Helbig

The Kate Escape · 4M ago

Tokio Jokio: Politics in Cartoons

WWII cartoon made in 1943:
The Kate Escape · 5M ago

The Ducktators: Politics in Cartoons

This is a black and white cartoon that satirizes what went down during WWII.
The Kate Escape · 7M ago

The Challenge

When you have schitzoaffective disorder, it makes it hard to go anywhere, to travel, to see the world.  It makes it hard to make friends.  When you have schitzoaffective disorder and are a s...
The Kate Escape · 7M ago

Cassia: a short story

This is one of the short stories that I have been working on getting published:CassiaMy mother named me Cassia. While she did not agree with the hypocrisy that is often incorporated into the...
The Kate Escape · 9M ago

2017 Goodreads Reading Challenge

2017 Goodreads Reading ChallengeI pledged 18 books
The Kate Escape · 10M ago

Taking a writing break

I have a lot of books I have to read, so I'm going to be writing less on my blogs and probably share videos or links that interest me for the next few months. There will still be regular pos...
The Kate Escape · 10M ago

Thoughts on 34

I spent a big chunk of my birthday at the group therapy I go to, and my Dad bought two dozen red and green vanilla and chocolate Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause cupcakes.  The faces were actually ...