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The Liberty Papers · 1d ago

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!
The Liberty Papers · 1d ago

Community Conservatism – Reviving the Middle Class Economy

Governing for a Healthy Middle Class Economy Conservatives do not believe that the government can “create” jobs directly. This canard of the left does nothing but destroy market-driven, sust...
The Liberty Papers · 1d ago

Obama Using “Net Neutrality” to Obscure Federal Take-Over of Internet

“The government will fuck the Internet up.” So says Mark Cuban. Truer words were never spoken. Allowing the federal government to treat the Internet as a public utility, as President Obama i...
The Liberty Papers · 2d ago

Book Review: Hearts of Darkness

I recently read* Hearts of Darkness: Why Kids Are Becoming Mass Murderers and How We Can Stop It This is obviously setting up to be a slightly controversial book from the start. Trying to delve into the psychology of mass killings is fraught with per...
The Liberty Papers · 3d ago

Privacy Is Dead, Long Live Privacy

“Americans Say They Want Privacy, but Act as if They Don’t.” Thus proclaims the headline from Claire Cain Miller, writing at the New York Times. Miller is talking about the results of a new ...
The Liberty Papers · 3d ago

Senator Rand Paul Will Oppose USA Freedom Act

The Senate is poised to vote, as early as this week, on its version of the USA Freedom Act. On Friday, however, one of Senator Rand Paul’s aides told The Hill that there are significant prob...
The Liberty Papers · 3d ago

‘Selfie Stalker’ Sues Nancy Grace for Defamation

Judge Dredd wannabe Nancy Grace is finding herself on the defensive as Ben Siebert, falsel...
The Liberty Papers · 3d ago

Brad’s Beer Review: Stone Coffee Milk Stout

This is a beer I’ve wanted to try ever since I heard it was to be released. Milk Stout (sometimes known as sweet stout or cream stout) is one of my favorite beer styles. I first found Left Hand Brewing Company’s Milk Stout when I lived in Georgia bac...
The Liberty Papers · 3d ago

Long Slow Burn – GruberGate as a Microcosm

We, here, at The Liberty Papers do not generally share our correspondence, but the big issues of the day are, in fact, talked about at length in our site’s Google Group as we coordinate what...
The Liberty Papers · 6d ago

Will The GOP Congress Return To Bush-Era Foreign Policy Interventionism?

With the election of the new Republican Congress in last week’s midterms, there are some q...