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Dhara Shah

Reads about: art, fiction, photography, craft, short stories

Pradeep Kalmadi

Reads about: life, literature, abstract, random, dark

Pallavi Subramaniam

Reads about: poetry, life, parenting, humour, fiction

Lena Gimblett I am always lost when I have to write about myself. I am just like everyone else but different.
I a...

Reads about: life, love, poetry, humor, recipes

Avantika Kaushik

Reads about: me, poems, poetry

Aparna Pasumarthi

Reads about: personal, random, books, humor, life

Niranjan Sathyamurth...

Reads about: technology, news, poetry, startups, humor

Mahak Dewan

Reads about: random, stories, social, social issues, literature

Kavita Mehra

Reads about: art, energy healing, me, distance healing, fun

Manasa T

Reads about: photography, travel, books, personal, fiction

Aishwarya Thapa

Reads about: poetry, me, opinions, love, poetics

Reema Shaw A girl, a Gemini, a cat lover,a foodie,a shopper,a blogger,a reader and a photographer.

Reads about: personal, humor, photography, life, fiction

Shail Mohan

Reads about: poetry, personal, life, humor, humour

Sushmita Gupta

Reads about: poems, poetry, writing, thoughts, love

Archu Joyce

Reads about: abstract, dark, original, me, life

Usha Pisharody

Reads about: poetry, personal, humour, stories, india

Revanth Chaudhary

Reads about: music, technology, art, random, startups

Kamalesh Muthukalath...

Reads about: me, poems, poetry

Franca Bartella Its Just Life

Reads about: spirituality, writing, photography, health, life

Ritu Lalit Single parent and compulsive writer ( I have found it safer that chattering away and being asked to ...

Reads about: poetry, personal, life, writing, books

Dhruva Murari

Reads about: me, poems, poetry

Sevanti Nag

Reads about: me, free poems, fun stuff, poems, poetry

Pria Sri

Reads about: life, poems, poetry, love, food

Divya Gurumurthy

Reads about: me, poems, poetry

Barnali Moitra

Reads about: me, rachna, political, poetry, general

Baisali Chatterjee D...

Reads about: humour, poetry, feminism, life, parenting

Sukanya Chakraborty

Reads about: me, poems, poetry

Anuj Suri

Reads about: me, poems, poetry

Anjali Chauhan

Reads about: me, poems, poetry


Reads about: feminist, sociospecific, poetrystories, geopolitics, writing tips

Arun Sadashiva

Reads about: marketing, rantings, humor, business, arbit

Krishnan Ramachandra...

Reads about: me, poems, poetry

Chandresh Joshi

Reads about: life, humour, poetry, thoughts, personal

Vishesh Unni R

Reads about: poetry, poems, personal, random, philosophy

Bhartiya Grihanee

Reads about: personal, life, humor, poetry, humour

Jayan Edakkat Bharat...

Reads about: poems, poetry, writing, thoughts, stories

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