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Laurie Howard Felton

Reads about: books, chick lit, authors

Jenna Dawlish

Reads about: books, chick lit, authors

Lisa Steinke Dannenf... Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke have been friends 25 years and are the authors of YOUR PERFECT LIFE, pub...

Reads about: writing, books, fiction, life, humor

Karen Williams Russe...

Reads about: crafts, diy, sewing, design, scrapbooking

Carmen Shirkey Colli...

Reads about: writing, books, personal, travel, chick lit

Kristy Keeble

Reads about: books, patt, chick lit, authors, travel

Amy Lazarus Bromberg

Reads about: beauty, makeup, books, fashion, cosmetics

Viorica Proca

Reads about: books, chick lit, authors

Julie Swayze

Reads about: chick lit, ya literature, homemade, novels, rgz

Denise E Aquino

Reads about: reiki, college life, books, authors, college

Stefan Halley

Reads about: movies, film history, books, film analysis, social media

Jennifer Melzer

Reads about: social media, television, art, howto, advice

Ashley Barron Lover of books, sunglasses, and all things Washington, DC. Author of LOVE + FAMILY and the upcoming ...

Reads about: writing, books, romance, reviews, fiction

Jeanette C. Espinoza

Reads about: chick lit, fiction, single life, relationships, author

Yolanda Morgan

Reads about: life, money, relationships, fashion, beauty

Ramsey Row

Reads about: poetry, life, love, writing, music

Elisa Pelletier

Reads about: books, book reviews, reviews, fiction, writing

Li Kruse Travel and photomaniacs, been to 20+ countries so far, mostly Europe, but even South America. Blog: ...

Reads about: travel, photography, culture, food, italy

Nikole L. Williamson...

Reads about: social media, books, chick lit, authors, social media marketing

Cail Lean cat lady, food lover, Irish soul and crazy aquarius... what else could i say?!

Reads about: food, recipes, cooking, cats, photography

Gabriela Lessa C. P....

Reads about: writing, chick lit, fiction, books, womens fiction

Lainie G Hardman

Reads about: books, chick lit, authors

Joy Wiszneauckas

Reads about: writing, soccer, chick lit, d.c. united, fiction

Jennifer Marie

Reads about: weight loss, chick lit, freebies, life, coupons

Christa Banister

Reads about: writing, books, fiction, chick lit, christian

Andrea Goulet

Reads about: technology, marketing, social media, liberal, news updates information

Sara Myers Trying my best to be a Yummy Mammy is not coming all that easy. As I set about trying to find myself...

Reads about: relationships, dating, life, sex, humor

Sally Smith

Reads about: books, chick lit, fiction, writing, reading

Talli Roland Over-caffeinated fiction writer making the journey towards publication... one espresso at a time. My...

Reads about: writing, books, chick lit, publishing, fiction

Lydia Laceby

Reads about: chick lit, writing, books, book reviews, fiction

Amee Short

Reads about: books, chick lit, authors

Bonnie Koenig

Reads about: cats, pets, cat, acupuncture, cat blogging

Amy K. Nichols

Reads about: writing, publishing, books, fiction, young adult

Melissa Grainger

Reads about: writing, books, fiction, book reviews, chick lit

Tracy Fulton

Reads about: books, reviews, book reviews, giveaways, reading

Liz Clark Fenton Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke have been friends for twenty years since the day Lisa walked into Freshm...

Reads about: writing, books, fiction, humor, book reviews

Jessica Sinn

Reads about: books, writing, reviews, book reviews, chick lit

Pet Campbell

Reads about: cats, pets, politics, cat blogging, news

Leanne Wildermuth

Reads about: art, photography, personal, family, humor

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