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The Mahogany Stylist · 1W ago

Fit and Flare Brown Bows Dress - Butterick 6280

Spring is almost here! What better way to start the season than with dress.  By now I'm sure you've noticed that my favorite thing to make is a dress. Last month I decided to "line them up" ...
The Mahogany Stylist · 2W ago

Notes on A Pattern - Vogue 1314 and McCall 7542 Getting the Most Out of Your Patterns

Happy Friday everyone!Are you getting the most out of your patterns?  Do you only use a pattern once, then discard it? Do you buy multiple copies of the same one?  How big is your pattern co...
The Mahogany Stylist · 2W ago

McCall 7480 - Super Easy Coat

Holding it close as the wind was very high.
The Mahogany Stylist · 3W ago

Valentino Inspired Dress - Fancy Mood Floral Roses Jacquard and Simplicity 1011

Plain and simple:  there is nothing like a beautiful piece of fabric.  Just the mere fact that it is gorgeous makes you imagine how proud you feel to wear something made of it. This is the c...
The Mahogany Stylist · 3W ago

Blue Faux Fur - Inspiration

Spring didn't last too long. Back to winter, and I'm back to thinking about what to make with the Blue Faux Fur I got from Mood Fabrics.Here's the inspiration I collected.  Any thought?
The Mahogany Stylist · 1M ago

Inspiration - The Vertical Lines of Valentino Fall 2016

I love looking at fashion show pictures of different designers.  It is such a great source of inspiration.  One of my favorite designers is Valentino.  The designs are so elegant, classy and...
The Mahogany Stylist · 1M ago

McCall 7465 and Mood Reptilian Modal Jersey

M7465 - Not the best picture - It's freezing outside.M7465 - Yes it is starting to snow and I'm freezingI love animal print fabric.  Mood Fabrics is a great store to find all kinds, from bir...
The Mahogany Stylist · 1M ago

Simplicity 1371 - Cute Little Top

Surprisingly, I was able to cut a top and head wrap from the African waxed print fabric remnant.  It was just enough to cut Simplicity 1371, view B. This is a top I planned to make a few yea...
The Mahogany Stylist · 1M ago

Vogue 1232 - Not Your Typical African Wax Print Skirt

This was a fun project.  I enjoyed researching possible skirt styles and the sewing process.  For months I've thought about making something with an African wax print fabric.  So when I rece...
The Mahogany Stylist · 1M ago

Notes of a Patterns - Vogue 9205 Knit Top with Neck Darts

This is just a simple t-shirt pattern with neck darts.  You can probably make it using a t-shirt pattern that you already own.  I guess I could have too, but I didn't want to take the time t...