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The Mahogany Stylist · 1d ago

Mood Bold Floral Jersey and Vogue 1250

There is no question about the popularity of Vogue 1250.  This easy dress stormed the internet in 2011.  dozens of bloggers and sewists posted pictures of they versions on various social med...
The Mahogany Stylist · 2d ago

Pretty Toppers - Inspiration

I just wanted to share some more toppers that I like. There are a few design elements that I hope to incorporate into some of my future sewing projects.
The Mahogany Stylist · 6d ago

Draped in Vogue 1442 - A New Summer Dress Classic

Vogue 1442I love this dress.  Sandra Betzina is so right!  This is a terrific summer dress.  It's rated as easy, but I had to do some tweaking before I was satisfied with the shape of the si...
The Mahogany Stylist · 6d ago

One Piece Collar Tutorial Part II with McCall 7575

Today's tutorial will illustrate how to actually make the one piece collar. I used McCall 7575 collar, which was originally designed to cut two collar pieces (upper and lower) to form the s...
The Mahogany Stylist · 2W ago

Tutorial - Drafting One Piece Collar - Crisp and Sharp Corners Part I

There is always something new to try in sewing.  I have a library full of sewing books, full of ideas and techniques to try and possibly incorporating into my sewing practices. But, these da...
The Mahogany Stylist · 2W ago

Gold Stripes and Ivory Creme - Vogue 8747 and McCall 5818

I'm so happy to final post about this shirt that I made with Mood's beautiful Italian Amber Striped Cotton-Rayon Shirting.  This is one gorgeous textile.  And I'm not just saying that becaus...
The Mahogany Stylist · 2W ago

McCall 6752 and Vogue 1355 - Two Favorites

So often I've stated that I will make something again. Sometimes it's soon after the first time I use the pattern.  And then other times it's months or even years later before I pull that "l...
The Mahogany Stylist · 3W ago

McCall 7575 - The First Edition

The sun was shining and the sky was bright and clear.  Perfect afternoon to get pictures of my new McCall's shirt.   I called this post "The First Edition" because I can see myself using thi...
The Mahogany Stylist · 1M ago

Tutorial: Lowering The Dart After Making A Full Bust Adjustment on McCall 7575

This post is to illustrate how to do a FBA on a regular one piece front pattern for a shirt.  Last week I purchased McCall 7575 Palmer Pletsch pattern because of the style lines.  The illust...
The Mahogany Stylist · 1M ago

McCall 7445 Pants and Vogue 8747 Shirt

Finally, I'm posting photos of me in my new pants made using McCall 7445.  I posted way back in March (tee hee) on my fitting and sewing of these pants.  Now, that I have tweaked the pattern...