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The MMOaholic · 1d ago

Togwaggle Throws The Game! Dungeon Run - RNGBS

King Togwaggle ignores the significance of Troggzor to his peril!This particular match really has me wondering a little bit about Blizzard's AI, specifically King Togwaggle's. I've seen dung...
The MMOaholic · 4d ago

Martial Arts Brutality - The Friday FREE GAME Feature!

Beat up your friends (and everyone else playing) in this action card game!Martial Arts Brutality is a digital card game that requires fast reflexes and manual dexterity in addition to tradit...
The MMOaholic · 6d ago

January '18 Mighty Minis Patreon Reward!

Grab some photos and crown your own king & queen (or prince & princess)! These pixel art crown and tiara magnets seem to work best with 3"x5" pictures, but could be used with smaller or larg...
The MMOaholic · 1W ago

Every Brawl Last Week In 30 Seconds! - RNGBS

This pretty much sums it up, yeah.I'm not sure what it is, but somehow this latest "Yogg-Saron Tryouts" brawl felt more lopsided and RNG-dependent than it ever has, and that's saying a lot! ...
The MMOaholic · 1W ago

Mage - Still Good In Arena! - RNGBS

It turns out that regardless of the meta, all you really need is a metric ton of removal!Also, the dark horse pick of the entire run has to be Defias Cleaner. Between Violet Wurm, Voidlord a...
The MMOaholic · 1W ago

Merry Gear Solid 2 - The Festive FREE GAME Feature!

Cold Snake takes down the Ghosts of Christmas Past!Merry Gear Solid 2: Ghosts of Christmas Past is both a tribute to and parody of the classic Metal Gear titles. You play as "Cold Snake", in...
The MMOaholic · 2W ago

January MMOMG - The Elder Scrolls Online

MMOMG returns in January with The Elder Scrolls Online!I normally only cover free-to-play MMOs, but I was graciously gifted the game by a viewer. They said I shouldn't feel obligated to play...
The MMOaholic · 3W ago

AdventureQuest 3D - Weeks 3 & 4: Epic of the Bush People - MMOMG

I know, you probably thought this video was never coming. My throat has been kind of messed up, so I kept putting it off in hopes that would change so I could record my voice. It turns out t...
The MMOaholic · 3W ago

Erayu - The Friday FREE GAME Feature!

A boy discovers an unusual video game and becomes enthralled with it, à la The NeverEnding Story.Erayu is a point-and-click adventure about a boy named Josh who happens to find an obscure vi...
The MMOaholic · 4W ago


My very first dungeon run, and I make it to the final boss! Against Vustrasz, I'm going to need a miracle (or perhaps a Wish)!