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The MMOaholic The MMOaholic - MMORPG Madness!

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The MMOaholic · 2d ago

Realm of the Mad God - The Friday FREE GAME Feature!

Shoot, strafe and loot in this bullet hell MMO!Realm of the Mad God is a co-op bullet hell shooter MMO hybrid. You play as one of a number of classes with the goal of leveling up, obtaining ...
The MMOaholic · 1W ago

Jotun: Valhalla Edition FREE on Steam & GOG!

Jotun: Valhalla Edition is an action exploration game set in Norse mythology. Unleash the elemental Norse giants to prove yourself worthy of Valhalla! You can get the game FREE for a limited...
The MMOaholic · 1W ago

Secret World Legends - Week 1 - MMOMG

I'm having a fairly enjoyable time in SWL. I like the combat system and in-depth story. Investigation missions can be a bit frustrating sometimes, but they're a nice addition to the game.
The MMOaholic · 1W ago

Net Neutrality Explained and Why it Matters

Video by TotalBiscuit explaining why the "Restoring Internet Freedom Act" does the exact opposite.
The MMOaholic · 1W ago

Save Net Neutrality!

Defend the net from paid prioritization, throttling and outright blocking of the services you use every day. It only takes a minute to send your comments to the FCC - do it now!
The MMOaholic · 2W ago

Everyone, Get Ready To Fling! Tavern Brawl Highlights - RNGBS

I have to admit, this week's Tavern Brawl is pretty fun. On the surface it feels fairly one-dimensional, but I'm still seeing people come up with clever uses for cards. This week's Brawl eve...
The MMOaholic · 3W ago

New Stream Schedule, MMOMG July

It's been a while since my last stream or video, and I just want to let everyone know that I'll be returning soon - by no later than July!When I start streaming again (which is very soon), t...
The MMOaholic · 1M ago

The Blue Flamingo - The Wheelhaus

We're kicking things off with a shoot-em-up called The Blue Flamingo. Will it be any good?
The MMOaholic · 1M ago

Heroes To Avoid! - Tavern Brawl Highlights - RNGBS

It might be more accurate to call this a "lowlights reel" instead. For those of us that are never lucky, here's the classes to avoid playing as this week in Tavern Brawl.
The MMOaholic · 1M ago

PAYDAY 2 is FREE on Steam (Limited Time)!

Hurry on over to the Steam Store page for PAYDAY 2 and grab a permanent copy for free! It's first come, first serve so get it before it's gone!