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The MMOaholic · 3d ago

Friday FREE GAME Feature #100 Tonight! Be There!

Tune in to my Twitch channel tonight (starts 6:45pm ET) for the 100th broadcast of The Friday FREE GAME Feature! During the stream I'll have a special announcement as well as games, goodies ...
The MMOaholic · 3d ago

Mind-Blowing Massive Build On An Anarchy Server!

Not sure how I missed this, but holy crap! These amazing buildings were supposedly constructed by hand in survival on what I've heard is the oldest anarchy server ( You can imagine...
The MMOaholic · 3d ago

Eschalon: Book I - The Friday FREE GAME Feature!

Eschalon: Book I is an open-world, turn-based isometric RPG released in 2007. If it looks older, that's because it was purposely crafted in the classic style of the games it pays homage to. ...
The MMOaholic · 3d ago

Saints Row 2 FREE on Steam & GOG, Hurry!

 Saints Row 2 is free for a limited time on both Steam and GOG. Act fast, the offer ends soon!
The MMOaholic · 5d ago

Valeera's Got a Brand New Bag! Tavern Brawl - RNGBS

This brawl was so RNG-oriented I decided to skip arena this week. Free From Amber returns for more crazy results!
The MMOaholic · 1w ago

WildStar - Week 2 - MMOMG

Two weeks in, and I can't wait to play again (tonight)! My first venture into the Ruins of Kel Voreth was amazing and left a great impression! Looking online at what creative players have do...
The MMOaholic · 1W ago

Fallout Shelter - The Friday FREE GAME Feature!

Fallout Shelter is a building and management simulator in the popular Fallout universe. It's a mobile game that's been ported to PC and recently made it to Steam. If you're like me, you prob...
The MMOaholic · 1W ago

The Salt Mines of Un'Goro - Arena - RNGBS

Arena on day one of Journey to Un'Goro was... interesting. We learned a few things - Free From Amber is often amazing and Bittertide Hydra is essentially the opposite.
The MMOaholic · 2W ago

WildStar - Week 1 - MMOMG

Of the titles I've played for this series so far, I believe WildStar has given me my best first week since Project Gorgon. Progression feels well-paced and the world is still fresh and inter...
The MMOaholic · 2W ago

The Problems With Quests

I'm happy to see Kripp speaking out on behalf of the free (and low investment) players lamenting the importance placed on legendary and epic cards with the release of Journey To Un'Goro. I a...