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The Mystery Spot · 2W ago

Was I surprised, yeah, was I surprised, no not at all

After my son's six year old iPad finally broke I replaced it. The music that was on the old one did not transfer over for whatever reasons so I ended up doing the selection all over again. I...
The Mystery Spot · 3W ago

Contact with Yo?

From: Padre via Subject: Believe me! This message coming from above will change everything for you_79Here is how your Guardian Angel can help youYour ...
The Mystery Spot · 4W ago

Fenders and Gibsons, Gibsons and Fenders

For research purposes, I went to a local guitar show today. I expected a modest crowd, with mostly dudes like me and got that. People were mostly polite and more than willing to answer quest...
The Mystery Spot · 1M ago

The things you learn when you turn a prime number

Was not aware of a mugshot of myself. I mean, my ugly mug is all over the internet reading my bad poetry, but still this came as a surprise.Does personal public record file equal my permanen...
The Mystery Spot · 1M ago

Too many hearings, not enough rock

Been quiet here but very busy on the real side of the blog. Saw two concerts in four days. Both excellent. Sigur Ros and Tom Petty. Sigur Ros had one of the best light shows I've even seen w...
The Mystery Spot · 1M ago

I thought all the Ambassador posts were vacant, except this one I guess

U.S. DepartmentUnited States Embassy Seal Greeting from U.S Embassy,THIS MAIL IS ONLY FOR THE OWNER OF THIS E-MAIL ADDRESSAttention:Beneficiary ,This is to inform you that your file was...
The Mystery Spot · 1M ago

When spam asks you if you want to stop spam

Support@emrcy.journeycontrol.comHi it seem's that you receive a lot of spam do you want the spam to stop? Answer me, Did not even say please.
The Mystery Spot · 1M ago

A Soldier's Letter Home

Among my Aunt's possessions were letters my Great Uncle sent to his brother during World War II. I'm hoping to find time to scan them and keep them preserved for family history purposes. Mos...
The Mystery Spot · 1M ago

Seat the retreat

It’s been just over a month since I got the guitar. I’ve tried to play it about half an hour each day, plugged in or not, except when we were out of town. No, I did not bring it with me. It’...
The Mystery Spot · 2M ago

Next time I will wear pants, ok?

The spam filter has had some rather insulting emails inside of it recently. A few fake addys sending some rather insulting bile. Some time of poison pen scheme?From: Your EX @ newsletter@cli...