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The One True Faith · 1d ago


I'm off to the Religious Education Congress sponsored by the diocese of Los Angeles.  See you next week.
The One True Faith · 1d ago

The Pope Teaches the Children

I hope the pope doesn't give up his day job.  See if you agree.Pope’s Chat With Children, Other Groups at St. Mary Josephine of Heart of Jesus Parish on Outskirts of RomePosted by ZENIT Staf...
The One True Faith · 2d ago


My neighborhood once was a haven for families.  When my children were young gangs roamed our backyards and walked in and out of our kitchens.  Literally, there was a path in the hedges betwe...
The One True Faith · 3d ago

The Hidden Power of Holy Water

 Holy Water Font from Royal Tara Fine Bone China, Galway, Ireland.I hope to come home with this when I visit Galway, next month.The Hidden Power of Holy Water: Many people have forgotten abo...
The One True Faith · 4d ago

Ibero-American Congress of Theology

Theologians gather at Boston College for Ibero-American Congress of Theology: CHESTNUT HILLs week long Ibero-American Conference of Theology: a public forum on the Theology of Liberation. I ...
The One True Faith · 5d ago

Penal Cross

This image is from Google Imagesif it is subject to copyright pleasetell me and I will delete it.I'm sinning as I post this.  I'm coveting penal crosses.  My friend, Marie was showing me her...
The One True Faith · 6d ago

Super Bowl Lessons for TOPS

As I posted on February 12th, Do Your Job, I'm presenting a program in TOPS on the subject of the lessons learned from Super Bowl LI5   Lessons I want you to learn for the Super BowlFirst: A...
The One True Faith · 1W ago

Ignorance of Catholicism

 face·palmˈfāspä(l)m/  noun1.a gesture in which the palm of one's hand is brought to one's face, as an expression of disbelief, shame, or exasperation.
The One True Faith · 1W ago

Rumpelstiltskin for Adults

Twisted by Bonnie M. Hennessy is an adult fairy tale.  Remember Rumpelstiltskin?  Now the little man will dance in your adult dreams.  It’s not your kiddie’s sweet dreams.  It’s a haunting h...
The One True Faith · 1W ago


It's nice to know.  I'm going to the Religious Education Congress sponsored by the Diocese of Los Angeles.  In the instructions that are sent out, I noticed this little note: If there are pr...