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The Otter's Holt · 10M ago


Inspired by the prompt “waste” at bare wasteland for miles stillness pervades the desert rain begins to fall   Spectacular ‘Super Bloom’ Is Just Days Away In This California Desert
The Otter's Holt · 11M ago


Our writing group’s prompt for this month is to write something in honor of Brighid. Brighid, Mistress of Poetry Bring guidance from the east Send inspiration dancing on the wind Walk with u...
The Otter's Holt · 12M ago

Picking Young Greens (wakanatsumi)

Picking Young Greens (wakanatsumi) darkness envelopes insatiable cravings in search of young greens Mid winter cravings, I think I’ve managed to add spinach every day for over a week.
The Otter's Holt · 12M ago

First Rooster Crowing (hatsutori)

First Rooster Crowing (hatsutori) crowing his success rooster beginning his term inauguration
The Otter's Holt · 12M ago

Burning Ornaments (Sagichoo)

Burning Ornaments (Sagichoo) cut pine drops needles garland has all been eaten bonfire warms the night
The Otter's Holt · 12M ago

Little New Year (Koshogatsu)

Little New Year (Koshogatsu) first full moon rises gleams on decorated twigs good fortune alights
The Otter's Holt · 12M ago

Lion Dance (Shishimai)

Lion Dance (Shishimai) sacred dance begins driving evil spirits out the lion roars tonight
The Otter's Holt · 1Y ago

Card Games (Karuta)

Card Games (Karuta) family circled cards dealt out, game commences played into the night This episode of Carpe Diem Haiku Kai references Uta-garuta, a traditional Japanese New Year’s card ga...
The Otter's Holt · 1Y ago

Sacred Arrow (Hamayumi or Hama Yumi)

Sacred Arrow (Hamayumi or Hama Yumi) fortune and good luck celebrate baby’s new year with bow and arrows Researching the topic also brought me to this site.
The Otter's Holt · 1Y ago

First Market (Hatsuchi)

First Market (Hatsuchi) searching the markets perfect good luck charm awaits after food vendors