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the paquettes · 1Y ago

Our December

Visiting their newest cousin-Gideon!
the paquettes · 11M ago

Welcome to New York

Celebrating Ella’s 10th birthday with a trip to New York!
the paquettes · 11M ago

Halloween 2015

the paquettes · 11M ago

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!

We didn’t get to go to the Elgin pumpkin patch this year because of our schedules and the rain.  Boo!  We managed to sneak a quick trip to a small pumpkin patch in Georgetown though because ...
the paquettes · 11M ago

New nephew!

Welcome to the world Gideon!  We love our new nephew/cousin-James’ sister’s first baby!
the paquettes · 11M ago

Soccer time!

James has coached Asher in soccer for 7 seasons now!  Every season, it’s fun to watch him grow in his skills!  We love our little soccer stud!
the paquettes · 11M ago

Back to School!

We’ve got a 6th grader, 4th grader, and a 2nd grader!  Everyone is at new schools this year too!  Crazy!  Rilyn is at Athlos Leadership Academy and Ella and Asher are at our new neighborhood...
the paquettes · 11M ago


We couldn’t go to California without going to The Happiest Place on Earth!  We love Disneyland!  This was my kids’ 5th time going!  
the paquettes · 11M ago

Huntington Beach

During my teen years, I grew up going to Huntington Beach.  Every time we travel to southern California, we take our kids there, and they LOVE it!  This time, they even tried boogie boarding...
the paquettes · 11M ago

celebrating my grandpa

My grandpa passed away on August 6th.  He lived a long, happy life and we flew to southern California to celebrate his life with all my dad’s side!