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The Poem Farm · 2d ago

Be Ready for Characters to Appear

Ghost Gratitudeby Amy LVStudents - Today's poem is in the sp
The Poem Farm · 1W ago

Looking for Joy...Everywhere!

Students - It is good and wise to look for happiness.  To find small and big seek out stories of kindness and love and friendship and people and animals being their best selves.  S...
The Poem Farm · 2W ago

Look Out Your Window & Snag a Line

Past, Present, Futureby Amy LVStudents - Yesterday, while I was driving home from teaching, I saw a beautiful red barn with a neat woodpile and also a yet-to-be stacked pile of wood.  I stop...
The Poem Farm · 3W ago

Quiet Places, Breathing, Being, & Kate

Pin Oak at Heart Rock FarmPhoto by Amy LVHandful of GenerosityPhoto by Amy LV
The Poem Farm · 4W ago

Happy National Day on Writing! #WhyIWrite

What's Inside?Photo by Amy LVStudents - Today is the National Day on Writing!  On this day, we celebrate the power and beauty of writing, many sharing with the hashtag #WhyIWrite.  Today's p...
The Poem Farm · 1M ago


Today is the birthday of the book I always wanted to write and finally did.  The concept is not new.  Poems ARE teachers, and writing teachers know this. Strong poetry teaches us how to write strong prose. In this book, I aim to explain some very spe...
The Poem Farm · 1M ago

Old Poem, New Trailer, Giveaway!

Art by Jill DubinFrom BABYBUG October 2017Students - Yesterday my sister wrote to tell me, "Your poem is on the back page of this month's BABYBUG magazine!"  We give a subscription of BABYBU...
The Poem Farm · 1M ago

Capturing Scenes & A Poetry Peek!

Easel Draft at Hamilton SchoolPhoto by Amy LVStudents - Last week, I was very lucky to visit Alexander Hamilton Sch
The Poem Farm · 1M ago

Poetry Friday & Falling in Love with Meter

The Poem Farm · 2M ago

Happy Book Birthday to READ! READ! READ!

My Family's Deacon's BenchPhoto by Amy LVStudents - When I was a little girl, my mom would...