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The Poem Farm · 2d ago

Poem Pep Talks & A Poetry Peek

My Pencil Case and Current NotebookPhoto by Amy LV
The Poem Farm · 1W ago

Looking, Thinking, and a Poetry Peek

Family Album Page by John ConollyPhoto by Amy LV
The Poem Farm · 3W ago

My Camera is an Extra Eye & A Poetry Peek

Taking a Pictureby Amy LV(I will add audio as soon as Sound Cloud allows me to do so!)Students - This week's poem was inspired by our visitors today, visitors who took their own photographs ...
The Poem Farm · 4W ago

Make a How-To Poem and a New Craft Too

Tree Eraser StampsPhoto by Amy LV Students - The older I get, the more I realize what makes me happiest.  I am happiest when I am making something new.  And this craft, described step-by-ste...
The Poem Farm · 1M ago

Finding Poems in Moments of Surprise - And a Giveaway!

Mini Monster and SarahPhoto by Amy LV Students - Sometimes as I go through my day, I notice something cur
The Poem Farm · 1M ago

Love Repeat Love Repeat Love Repeat

I Love Granny Square Afghans(I buy them at thrift stores...)Photo by Amy LV
The Poem Farm · 1M ago

Voices of Refugees: A Free Verse Poetry Peek

this girl you seeby Amy LVStudents - Sometimes I write about the news and pictures I see in the news.  I am often aware of the
The Poem Farm · 1M ago

It's OK to Make Mistakes, & It's OK to Write About Them

An Unnecessary Boundaryby Amy LVStudents - This poem is about long car trips and it is about making lines and it is about being sorry and it is about admitting mi
The Poem Farm · 2M ago

Personification and Poems and Woodstoves and Joy

Tonight's FirePhoto by Amy LVStudents - Today's poem is ab
The Poem Farm · 2M ago

What to Write? Assign Yourself an Idea and Structure!

Thinking Cactusby Amy LV  Students - For this week's poem, I knew that I write a poem following the meter of someone else's poem. &nbsp