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The Sci-Fi Gene · 10M ago

If H.R. Giger designed catfish... [Work in progress]

[designed in Blender 2.76]
The Sci-Fi Gene · 9M ago

We're Putting The Band Back Together [The X-Files]

I'd rather be liberatedI find myself captivated[Catatonia, "Mulder and Scully"]Watching the first episode on Channel 5 - impressively, in this day and age, this is not a reboot, a re-make, a...
The Sci-Fi Gene · 9M ago

Frame Shift Drive Charging [Elite Dangerous]

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, a blogger backed a Kickstarter campaign for a sequel to a classic space-opera themed computer game. Despite a rocky start, the campaign proved to be ph...
The Sci-Fi Gene · 9M ago

"Broken Bird" Screening: Selby International Short Film Festival

Breaking: I'm pleased to announce that "Broken Bird" is on the Official Selection for the Selby International Short Film Festival, and will be screened in the Music Video category on 30th Ju...
The Sci-Fi Gene · 9M ago

"Broken Bird" Screening: Kino London

My music video for "Broken Bird" will be spreading its wings for a screening on Wednesday 20th January, at Kino London - London's open-mic short film night at Electrowerks club in Angel. Doo...
The Sci-Fi Gene · 9M ago

Rey A Drop Of Golden Sun [Review: The Force Awakens]

You may be aware of the recent release of this obscure micro-budget arthouse flick - in fact you may have noticed there are already one or two reviews elsewhere on the Internet. A few observ...
The Sci-Fi Gene · 9M ago


The Sci-Fi Gene looks forward to an interesting 2016 - but I'm not quite ready to let you know why, except to say there will be more news very soon about both Reply To All and Broken Bird, a...
The Sci-Fi Gene · 9M ago

"Broken Bird" broadcast: Latest TV

My music video for Ariel Undine's song "Broken Bird" will be broadcast on On The Verge - a music video show on Latest TV. Watch on cable in Brighton or online from anywhere in the UK here. O...
The Sci-Fi Gene · 9M ago

Dystopia City - final version [Scratch game]

This is the final version of my Scratch game Dystopia City - with thanks to Scratch users E1eventeen and alpacaceratops for their comments and to everyone who played the beta. I've tweaked ...
The Sci-Fi Gene · 9M ago

Ringworld Engineers At Work [KIC8462852]

Star KIC8462852 is currently in the spotlight due to unexplained observations from the Kepler spaceprobe: one possible explanation for the pattern is an alien megastructure around the star. ...