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The Scribbling SeaSerpent · 6d ago

Guest: Richard Dee: Steampunk is closer than you think.

Hello everyone, I’m Richard Dee and I’m a Steampunk author. My world of Norlandia features in two novels, The Rocks of Aserol and A New Life in Ventis,a short story collection, Tales from No...
The Scribbling SeaSerpent · 2W ago

Self Publishing: Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them – Part 1 (Guest Post by Celia Moore).

Please welcome Celia Moore to this blog. Celia has kindly offered to share with us some of the potential pitfalls that self-published authors may encounter. Worth reading by anyone consideri...
The Scribbling SeaSerpent · 2M ago

Navigating the Slush pile: Ten Tips for Agent Hunting.

Having recently signed with a new agent, this time by going through the slush pile, I thought I would share are few tips. I hope these might be useful for anyone currently navigating the slu...
The Scribbling SeaSerpent · 3M ago

Review: Destination Mars by Andrew May

Mars fascinates me. I have always loved reading science fiction about the planet and have eagerly followed the various expeditions to explore this world. So I was especially pleased when I r...
The Scribbling SeaSerpent · 4M ago

Short Story in Sci Phi Journal

My short story, Desiccation, which originally appeared in Jupiter SF, has just been published over at Sci Phi Journal. It’s a free read so do head over and take a look. I hope you enjoy it.
The Scribbling SeaSerpent · 4M ago

Review: Planet of the Red Dust by N Tolman Rudolph

Planet of the Red Dust is a story of hope and survival on an alien world. The novel opens with Jared, sold survivor of the crashed Wayfarer, burying his dead colleagues on a planet which, by...
The Scribbling SeaSerpent · 6M ago

Submission Planning 2: Direct to Publishers.

As I have already mentioned, my preferred route to publication is through a Literary Agent, and this is the route I am currently actively pursuing. But I know that the agented route isn’t fo...
The Scribbling SeaSerpent · 7M ago

Guest: David Pipe, author of Sacrificing Starlight

Today I would like to welcome David Pipe to The Scribbling Sea Serpent, to talk about how Cornwall inspired his debut novel, Sacrificing Starlight.Sacrificing StarlightTime’s running out for...
The Scribbling SeaSerpent · 8M ago

Multiple First Person Points of View

I’ve noticed that multiple first person POV narratives are becoming increasingly popular. Sometimes this can be really effective, skilfully executed by the author, and other times it can be ...
The Scribbling SeaSerpent · 8M ago

Squally Seas

It was squally down at the beach today. One moment the sun broke through, lighting the shingle golden and turning the sea to jade, then the skies darkened and the rain swept in. We took shel...