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The Simple Woman midlife journal :: mindful daybook

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Zoe Dones

Reads about: simplicity, women, midlife

Judy Gaige Collier

Reads about: simplicity, women

Tammy L. Fullem-Blac...

Reads about: simplicity, midlife, challenge, weight loss, writing

Catherine Brown

Reads about: fashion, health, simplicity, christian, family

Kathryn Pierron Kopa...

Reads about: simplicity, women

Sue Swartz

Reads about: simplicity, women, midlife

Eileen Markarian

Reads about: scrapbooking, faith, crafting, stamping, art

Merida Scott

Reads about: simplicity, women

Joyce Williams

Reads about: food, simplicity, cooking, gardening, women

Connie Krueger

Reads about: midlife, aging, boomers, women, positive attitude

Teresa Dean Smeigh

Reads about: journal, storiespoems, medical, photography, book marketing

Patricia Mcclellan L...

Reads about: homeschool, family, food, homeschooling, life

Linda Marie Finn

Reads about: family, christian, homeschool, books, homeschooling

Sharon Lane

Reads about: art, photography, tea, mixed media, creativity

Stefanie Jones

Reads about: life, writing, fibromyalgia, humor, memoir

Kathy Wolff Jackson

Reads about: family, homeschooling, catholic, christian, homeschool

Shirley Johnston Pagan, paranormal researcher who cross stitches for relaxation and for my online shop.

Reads about: pagan, art, spiritual, parenting, witchcraft

Johanis À Noya

Reads about: simplicity, titus 2, christian

Asta Lander Simple living, frugal aspiring, eco concerned, conscious consumer, justice fighting, greyhound rescu...

Reads about: simple living, inspiration, art, books, technology

Carol Pietroniro

Reads about: simplicity, women

Kidist Maru

Reads about: women, simplicity, christian, business, articles

Michelle Kelly

Reads about: faith, homeschooling, life, women, simplicity

R Michelle Zerber

Reads about: christian, women, family, christianity, recipes

Susan Nichols

Reads about: simplicity, women, midlife

Caz Van Poppel

Reads about: simplicity, google, challenge, programming, app engine

Beth Good

Reads about: life, family, writing, christianity, faith

Allison Parker

Reads about: catholic, titus 2, christian, simplicity, homeschooling

Jhannita Carrizales

Reads about: simplicity, women

Cindy Mankin

Reads about: simplicity, homeschooling, women, christianity

Oliver Daniel

Reads about: origin, simplicity, christian, of, random

Belinda Nomore

Reads about: simplicity, women

Doylene Tyler Brents

Reads about: family, parenting, life, christian, reviews

Kelly Bonta Willie

Reads about: faith, christian, christianity, jesus, women

Missy Rogers

Reads about: family, reviews, giveaways, coupons, military

Charlotte Spears

Reads about: family, homeschooling, homeschool, christian, west virginia

Alicia Boris-Olugu

Reads about: christian, christianity, faith, family, women

Jodi Saladino Who am I? I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt and a friend.

First and foremost G...

Reads about: parenting, family, christian, knitting, reviews

Leann Richardson

Reads about: food, recipes, cooking, baking, photography

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