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The Spadina Monologues · 1W ago

“I’m On My Knees But I’m Not Praying”: my latest short story published in Matrix Magazine

FAIR WARNING this is a rather racy story that deal with some full-on topics. For the recor...
The Spadina Monologues · 3W ago

About Face

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The Spadina Monologues · 1M ago

You Will Lose All Your Friends in your 30s: my latest @VICE essay

I’ve had an absolute bonkers week (more on that in a sec) so I’m slow to report that earlier this week, my latest misanthropic, bitchy essay was published in VICE. Once you get on the wrong ...
The Spadina Monologues · 1M ago

Check me out on @CBC’s show Podcast Playlist!

Last year I performed at GRTTWaK, reading an entry from my 1996 diary which was hilarious ...
The Spadina Monologues · 2M ago

Come Watch Me Read at @RoomMagazine’s 40th Anniversary Celebration!

If you’re a longtime reader of this blog (which has officially been around for 12 years this month….), you might remember a decade ago when I sold a short story to Room Magazine. I posted about it here….my gosh that blog post hasn’t aged well. Also T...
The Spadina Monologues · 3M ago

The #friendzone & dudebros: my latest essay in @Vice

So this is a funny story. Last week I got into a Twitter spat with some jabroni who was going on about the “friend zone.” I was frankly shocked to see it coming from a so-called “gentleman,”...
The Spadina Monologues · 3M ago

Watch my super short documentary on Sweden!

As many subscribers to my YouTube channel already know, I like to make short documentaries...
The Spadina Monologues · 3M ago

Stockholm Syndrome

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The Spadina Monologues · 4M ago

Travelling While Woman: Check out my latest essay in @vicecanada

Travel for women is never simple, espesh when you require reproductive health care on the road. That’s the topic of my latest essay for VICE. Solo women travelers always need to plan for inc...
The Spadina Monologues · 4M ago

The Lovertine: Watch my TV interview on TFO!

Life is strange and unpredictable. You never know what’s coming for ya. And I wouldn’t hav...