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The Spadina Monologues · 1W ago

Listen to my story on the @RaconteursStory podcast!

As many of you know, I’ve been doing live storytelling and spoken word for about 4 years now and I’ve been really lucky with all the places I’ve been invited to speak – London UK, NYC, and a...
The Spadina Monologues · 1M ago

Other-Worldly and Vaguely Threatening: Part 2

It seems like at least once a year, I do a photoshoot. A couple of times, it’s been for ma...
The Spadina Monologues · 2M ago

Check out my latest #shortstory published in @PrismLitMag !

“Discussion Questions for Your Book Club,” my most recent short story, has been published in the new summer issue of Prism International, a literary magazine based out of B.C., and you can find it on the bookshelves nationwide now. I found a copy at ...
The Spadina Monologues · 2M ago

How Men Can Stop Street Harassment: my latest article in @VICE

Earlier this week I endured yet again an incident of street harassment. It happens almost ...
The Spadina Monologues · 3M ago

Listen to “Spray It, Don’t Say It” – my latest Spoken Word performance

A couple weeks ago I performed a Spoken Word piece at The Spoke, a live storytelling event...
The Spadina Monologues · 4M ago

“I’m On My Knees But I’m Not Praying”: my latest short story published in Matrix Magazine

FAIR WARNING this is a rather racy story that deal with some full-on topics. For the recor...
The Spadina Monologues · 4M ago

About Face

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The Spadina Monologues · 5M ago

You Will Lose All Your Friends in your 30s: my latest @VICE essay

I’ve had an absolute bonkers week (more on that in a sec) so I’m slow to report that earlier this week, my latest misanthropic, bitchy essay was published in VICE. Once you get on the wrong ...
The Spadina Monologues · 5M ago

Check me out on @CBC’s show Podcast Playlist!

Last year I performed at GRTTWaK, reading an entry from my 1996 diary which was hilarious ...
The Spadina Monologues · 6M ago

Come Watch Me Read at @RoomMagazine’s 40th Anniversary Celebration!

If you’re a longtime reader of this blog (which has officially been around for 12 years this month….), you might remember a decade ago when I sold a short story to Room Magazine. I posted about it here….my gosh that blog post hasn’t aged well. Also T...