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The Spadina Monologues · 5d ago

The #friendzone & dudebros: my latest essay in @Vice

So this is a funny story. Last week I got into a Twitter spat with some jabroni who was going on about the “friend zone.” I was frankly shocked to see it coming from a so-called “gentleman,”...
The Spadina Monologues · 2W ago

Watch my super short documentary on Sweden!

As many subscribers to my YouTube channel already know, I like to make short documentaries...
The Spadina Monologues · 2W ago

Stockholm Syndrome

Filed under: Christine Estima, Copenhagen, hipsters, if I had a tumblr, photography, travel
The Spadina Monologues · 1M ago

Travelling While Woman: Check out my latest essay in @vicecanada

Travel for women is never simple, espesh when you require reproductive health care on the road. That’s the topic of my latest essay for VICE. Solo women travelers always need to plan for inc...
The Spadina Monologues · 1M ago

The Lovertine: Watch my TV interview on TFO!

Life is strange and unpredictable. You never know what’s coming for ya. And I wouldn’t hav...
The Spadina Monologues · 1M ago

Video: Watch me perform @RaconteursTO!

Recently I performed at Raconteurs, a live storytelling event that happens monthly here in Toronto. I’ve performed at Raconteurs before, and as many of you know, lots of other Spoken Word events around the world like The Moth, Spark London, GRTTWaK, ...
The Spadina Monologues · 4M ago

Check me out in Toronto Life!

Recently, Toronto Life, an upmarket magazine here in the 6ix, asked if they could come over to my place and interview and photograph me for a series they’re doing on people who collect weird/wonderful things. So naturally my large collection of old l...
The Spadina Monologues · 6M ago

Check out my @VICE interview with #TIFF16 film director Alice Lowe

The Toronto International Film Festival was amazing this year, I saw so many films (as documented by this round-up I wrote for VICE last week), and the fest is always such an electric time t...
The Spadina Monologues · 6M ago

Check out my latest @VICE piece on #TIFF16 vs The Bechdel Test

It’s TIFF time already and time for me to review a whole bunch of woman-hating films so you don’t have to. Last year I reviewed TIFF films that portray fierce women in leading roles, now it’...
The Spadina Monologues · 7M ago

Otherworldly and Vaguely-Threatening

A couple months ago, I was asked by a longtime photographer collaborator friend of mine to pose for some thematic photographs. We had previously worked together in 2012 for a street art photo series, and last year for a typewriter-beach series, and i...