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The Stiletto Gang · 11h ago

Unifying Themes - Seven Sinister Sisters Tour

We’re the Seven Sinister Sisters and we’re on a mission: Seven mystery authors; seven new releases; seven answers to a central question at each stop on our tour. The Stiletto Gang is our sec...
The Stiletto Gang · 1d ago

The Allure of Mysteries—Dark and Historical Ones

By Kay KendallThe main reason usually given to explain the enduring appeal of mysteries is that readers like to enter a world of suspense and chaos, knowing that everything will be tidied up...
The Stiletto Gang · 3d ago

The Ivy Lee “Six-Item To Do List” Method

by Paula Gail BensonEach new year, I enjoy considering the recommendations for organizing and improving productivity. This year, I noticed several articles making reference to the hundred-ye...
The Stiletto Gang · 6d ago

Manning Wolfe's New Year’s Resolution: Estate Planning

Many of my author friends are, like me, recovering attorneys and judges. We work hard to balance our analytical and creative abilities to produce engaging stories and books, but we can’t alw...
The Stiletto Gang · 1w ago

Sixty years of memories, 2018 by Juliana Aragon Fatula from my upcoming memoir: Y Que? A spiritual memoir.

The Road I Ride Bleeds my first chapbook.My first children's poetry book from Writing WorkshopsEditor for Writers in the Schools Program sponsored by Colorado Humanities Creative Industries Publishing. 
The Stiletto Gang · 1w ago

Promo Blues

by Bethany MainesYesterday, AB Plum talked about the woes of promoting. She's not alone in finding that the grind of "getting yourself out there" is not fun. Most authors find that to be the...
The Stiletto Gang · 1w ago


By AB PlumWith the advent of a new year, who better to paraphrase than the Bard himself?Promoting is much on my mind in these early days of 2018. I haven’t yet finished my 2018 Marketing Pla...
The Stiletto Gang · 1W ago

Remembering the Dream

by Linda RodriguezI had a dream for many decades, a dream that I would write novels that w...
The Stiletto Gang · 2W ago

Series Stories: Why We Love Them

by Sparkle AbbeyThe days are short and the nights are long and in many parts of the country it's really cold outside. The perfect time to immerse yourself in a new book. Or maybe in a new se...
The Stiletto Gang · 2W ago

Clicking Our Heels - Television and the Gang

New Year’s Resolution – Don’t leave blogs until last minute. New Year’s Reality – Oops!I cannot tell a lie.  Between a self-imposed deadline, holiday fun, and a million other things, I spent...