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The Stiletto Gang · 2d ago

Clicking Our Heels - Social Media

Clicking Our Heels – Social MediaIn this age of social media, we thought it would be interesting to ascertain how social media enhances or distracts from writing. Here are the various Stilet...
The Stiletto Gang · 5d ago

Sources of the Mystery Short Story

The Stiletto Gang · 1w ago

Plotting vs. Pantsing

by Linda RodriguezIn the mystery-writing community, people tend to divide themselves into plotters or pantsers. This seems to me to set up a false dichotomy where real authors either write o...
The Stiletto Gang · 1w ago

The Box Set Funeral

Box sets have been a marketing staple in the publishing industry, but a lot of people are ready to call the technique dead and bury it. Queue the band and plan the funeral.Or not. The opport...
The Stiletto Gang · 1W ago

Austin Starr's Bad Day

by Kay KendallThe protagonist-turned-amateur-sleuth in my two mysteries is Austin Starr. Here she shares her thoughts about the problems she faces in my first book, DESOLATION ROW, and hints...
The Stiletto Gang · 1W ago

The Flying of Time

by J.M. PhillippeThere comes a point in a new position where everything begins to feel routine. Where the schedule is pretty locked in, the tasks rote, and the days start to blend together. ...
The Stiletto Gang · 1W ago

May is Short Story Month!

by Paula Gail Benson Thanks to my friend, phenomenal author Art Taylor (Agatha, Anthony, Derringer, and Macavity award winner for short fiction and winner of the Agatha Award for Best First ...
The Stiletto Gang · 2W ago

The Facebook Post is BS - I Want a Mother's Day Gift!

The Facebook Post is BS – I Want a Mother’s Day Gift! by Debra H. GoldsteinDear Mom,On Facebook this week, the unknown writer cut and paste post tied to Mother’s Day is:Every year my childre...
The Stiletto Gang · 2W ago

A Poem for Mother's Day

by Linda RodriguezPaffi Flood was unable to post today, so Linda Rodriguez is substituting for her.As we approach Mother's Day, the airwaves are filled with commercials for gifts for mothers...
The Stiletto Gang · 2W ago

The Fairy Tale Ending

by Bethany MainesI have a co-project coming up revolving around sci-fi fairy tales. I think this is a great idea.  Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time finding the right fairy tale or even ...