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The Stiletto Gang · 1d ago

Creativity--Where Does It Come From? by T.K. Thorne

          Writer, humanist,          dog-mom, horse servant and cat-slave,       Lover of solitude          and the company of good friends,        New places, new ideas           and old wi...
The Stiletto Gang · 2d ago

Research and Writing Mysteries by Juliana Aragón Fatula

Bowerhouse PressResearch makes me crazy. I love researching new subjects, but sometimes get carried away and have to discipline myself to only do research for an hour and then take notes and then get back to writing. Research helps me expand my knowl...
The Stiletto Gang · 3d ago


By Kay KendallThese days whenever I cast my thoughts into the future, I become tense. This...
The Stiletto Gang · 5d ago

Interview with Agatha Nominees for Best First Novel!

The Stiletto Gang · 1w ago

W. C. Fields Was Right

by Shari Randall
The Stiletto Gang · 1W ago

Chapter by Chapter

by Bethany MainesI recently read a review on Goodreads of my book GlossedCause.  “I love this series from Bethany Maines! Such a funny and interesting read throughout and makes you want to k...
The Stiletto Gang · 1W ago

Great Books Stand the Test of Time

Last month I invited 8 authors to dinner. Fun, exciting, and exasperating.Exasperating because my guests reminded me of how little I read these days. In years past, I read at least a book a week. Somewhere, I’ve lost the time to do that. I now read—m...
The Stiletto Gang · 1W ago

Writing - A Walk in the Park

At the end of January, I quit my day-job to write full-time. A dream come true.  My last day of official employment was on a Friday. I gave myself the weekend to relax and on Monday I plunke...
The Stiletto Gang · 2W ago

The Week The World Stopped by Debra H. Goldstein

The Week The World Stopped by Debra H. Goldstein The bug that’s going around finally caught me. I coughed, but didn’t think anything of it. Then, I coughed again. Within hours, I felt my che...
The Stiletto Gang · 2W ago

Juliana Aragón Fatula 2018 Crestone Poetry Festival

 Storyteller, poet, performance artist.Juliana Aragón Fatula as Carmen MirandaMy first visit to Crestone, Colorado I attended a poetry festival and met some incredible people. I read for thi...