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The Warrior Muse · 3d ago

Defining Horror, News, & Links

Well, hello! Apparently, I'm going to take a couple weeks off, retroactively. Who knew?I'm deep in edits for the novel I want to pitch at the upcoming Pikes Peak Writers Conference, with a g...
The Warrior Muse · 3W ago

Cover Reveal - Dark Winds Rising

Today I'm welcoming Mark Noce to The Warrior Muse for his cover reveal of Dark Winds Rising!Dark Winds Rising is the sequel to my debut novel Between Two Fires, and comes out with St. Martin’s Press December 5th2017! Today is my cover reveal for the ...
The Warrior Muse · 3W ago

IWSG - Finish It! & Links

Spring is coming! But before we get there, it's time for another Insecure Writer's Support Group, created by Alex J. Cavanaugh.All are welcome to participate. Just sign up and post your writ...
The Warrior Muse · 4W ago

Horror List Book Review: Dark Forces

I'm reading through three lists of best horror with two friends (DeAnna Knippling and M.B. Partlow), posting reviews as we go. (For more information, including a list of the books, see this post.) To see the books I've reviewed so far, you can view t...
The Warrior Muse · 1M ago

Girl Without A Face Cover Reveal & Links

Today, I'd like to welcome Medeia Sharif for her cover reveal of Girl Without a Face!GIRL WITHOUT A FACE BY Medeia SharifEvernight Teen, March 3, 2017
The Warrior Muse · 1M ago

Upcoming Appearances, Do 1 Thing, Short Stories, & Links

Why, hello! It's Monday.I recently confirmed some upcoming appearances I'll be making, so I thought I'd share! Plus, I have a question for you. But first, here's a picture of the awesome car...
The Warrior Muse · 1M ago

WIMH - Time to Check Out Some Women

February is Women in Horror Month! The 8th annual, in fact, though I first heard about it two years ago.WIHM is intended to bring attention to women in all aspects of horror, whether writers...
The Warrior Muse · 1M ago

IWSG - Late! Stats & Links

It's the first Wednesday of February, so time for the Insecure Writer's Support Group, created by Alex J. Cavanaugh.This monthly group meets the first Wednesday. All are welcome. Come along ...
The Warrior Muse · 2M ago

2016 Year in Review & Links

Last year, I did my first Year in Review post, and I enjoyed doing so, so I'm doing it aga...
The Warrior Muse · 2M ago

2017 Goal Setting & 2016 Review

We made it through 2016, even if it came with some new scars. It was a year of craziness, as I imagine all election years are, but we survived. It's always fun to recap the year then look ah...