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The Warrior Muse · 5d ago

Book Release - Dusk's Warriors, by Emerian Rich

Today I'm pleased to host Emerian Rich, author and editor extraordinaire, as well as the hostess of the podcast. Her book, Dusk's Warriors, is now out.Welcome, Emerian!#
The Warrior Muse · 1W ago

IWSG - Rejection, Stats, & Links

Before I jump into my IWSG post, I've got a story out that's free to read! It's free and short and humorous. For those who avoid my horror stories, this one has zero horror! Check out The Re...
The Warrior Muse · 2W ago

Habitica for Writers

I recently discovered a great free online program that I've been using for all kinds of things. I don't know about you, but I'm a list maker. I've tried making lists on notepads, sticky note...
The Warrior Muse · 1M ago

Answers to Your Short Story Questions

Back in February, I announced that I was going to be speaking about short stories at a couple upcoming events (that have now passed), and I asked you what short story questions you wanted an...
The Warrior Muse · 1M ago

IWSG - Juggling

Today is the first Wednesday of September. Fall's on the way!First Wednesday of the month means it's time to air our insecurities with the Insecure Writer's Support Group, created by Alex J....
The Warrior Muse · 1M ago

Flowers, Trains, and Mines & Links

Time for the final set of photos from my trip to Georgetown. On my last day, I did some sightseeing by driving Guanella Pass (twice, inadvertently) and taking the train out to do a mine tour. They had just opened an extended portion of the tour, cour...
The Warrior Muse · 1M ago

Horror List Book Review: Swan Song

I'm reading through three lists of best horror with two friends (DeAnna Knippling and M.B. Partlow), posting reviews as we go. (For more information, including a list of the books, see this post.) To see the books I've reviewed so far, you can view t...
The Warrior Muse · 2M ago

The Dead & The Rich - More Georgetown Photos & Links

Last week I posted photos of homes and statues around Georgetown, a still thriving silver mining town in the mountains of Colorado. I'd intended to make it a two-parter, with photos of Guanella Pass, the lake, the mine, and the cemetery today, but it...
The Warrior Muse · 2M ago

Georgetown Ghost Town Writing Retreat, pt 1

This weekend I attended the Georgetown Ghost Town Writer's Retreat. Georgetown is a small town that grew up around silver mining in the Rockies. Unlike some of the old gold mining towns that...
The Warrior Muse · 2M ago

IWSG - Expectations, New Release, Stats, & Links

It's the first Wednesday of August, which means it's time for a gathering of the Insecure Writer's Support Group, created by Alex J. Cavanaugh.IWSG was created to lend support to writers and...