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The Westra World · 3W ago

Scans and surgery and Dream. State.

The Westra World · 1M ago

Dream. State.

Dream. State.  It's the name of the television show that is following our boy's hockey team this year.  We've seen their production crew both on and off the ice at the Sports Center.  One of...
The Westra World · 2M ago

My one word for 2018

 My word for 2017 is love.  I've been reflecting quite a bit on all that I learned about love this past year.  I think the biggest lesson to shine through was simply that being open to love,...
The Westra World · 3M ago

living my moments

Each time I log in here, I'm at a different point in my life it seems.  I have so many posts started, and not completed because the news is ever changing, every day.  And it seems lately, I ...
The Westra World · 4M ago

answered prayers

My quick cell phone photo doesn't do the cookies justice.  They're bright pink and white and were a complete surprise arriving at our door last night.  Thank you for the sweet treat to the a...
The Westra World · 4M ago

the changing seasons

I was recently so honored to be asked to share my cancer story on my friend, Jenna's blog, tha
The Westra World · 4M ago

Still waiting...

The Westra World · 5M ago

Bubba Jack

I haven't used a term of endearment for the boys in ages.  It seems lately however,  I've been a bit more nostalgic.  Colton was such a big baby from birth- we used to call him "Bubba."  And...
The Westra World · 5M ago

Updates and blessings

The beautiful art piece above was sent to me this summer in a gift that blessed me so.  I put it on a bookshelf next to where I sit in my recliner most days, surrounded by gifts that continu...
The Westra World · 6M ago

snapshot of my days

I felt like I was in trouble, physically, from the moment I awoke Tuesday morning.  That sense can loom over us before we completely understand it-  is it fear?  Uncertainty?  Just what are ...