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The Writers' Lens · 6d ago

First Look at The Dragon Slayer by Brad R. Cook

The Dragon Slayer A tale as old as time… with a twist. By an edict of the King, the noble knight Sir Alric, newly returned from war, is sent into the mountains to rescue his lady-love from the clutches of a foul demon… but the vile dragon refuses to ...
The Writers' Lens · 1W ago

JAGUAR HOPE: Meet the humanimals! Free until Feb. 24

The Writers' Lens · 2W ago

Get Conference-Ready: How to Pitch & Query Literary Agents & Publishers

Querying a publisher or literary agent is almost harder than writing a book. The St. Louis Writers Guild’s March 4 workshop will explore the process from start to finish--how to find agents and publishers, how to contact them, how to pitch to them…an...
The Writers' Lens · 3W ago

Gateway to Publishing Conference and Convention Coming in June

Gateway to Publishing Conference & Convention Coming in JuneGateway to Publishing Conferen...
The Writers' Lens · 1M ago

Three Thoughts about Signs

T.W. Fendley's and my booth at ArchonThree Thoughts about SignsBrad R. Cook Signs, signs, everywhere they’re signs… at conferences, conventions, book fairs, bookstores, events, talks and so many more. There are even different types, so many different...
The Writers' Lens · 1M ago

Solar Lullaby: Free until Jan. 24

Below, see how one Amazon reviewer described my short story, SOLAR LULLABY, which is now a stand-alone Kindle ebook. You can get a FREE  e-copy today through Tuesday on Amazon!~~Red Alert~~K...
The Writers' Lens · 1M ago

Learn the Artistic Language of Horror at Guild’s Feb. 4 workshop

Join Mary Genevieve Fortier and David Schutz II, founders of the St. Louis Area Horror Writers’ Society, on Feb. 4 to learn about “Poetry/Fiction: The Artistic Language of Horror.” Held from 10 a.m. to noon at The Lodge Des Peres, 1050 Des Peres Rd, ...
The Writers' Lens · 2M ago

Rienspel a new novel by Ryan P. Freeman

Rienspel a new novel by Ryan P. Freeman Brad R. Cook To end off the year here on The Writers’ Lens, I wanted to showcase one more great writer and novel. Ryan P. Freeman has created a hi-fantasy epic with his latest novel Rienspel. Rienspel The Phoen...
The Writers' Lens · 2M ago

Early bird registration ends Dec. 31 for June Gateway to Publishing conference

Early bird registration ends Dec. 31 for Gateway to Publishing, a writers conference and FREE readers convention at the Airport Renaissance Hotel June 16, 17 and 18, 2017, in St. Louis.St. L...
The Writers' Lens · 2M ago

Workshop Jan. 7: "Pulp Fiction Isn't Just a Tarantino Movie”

Bestselling author Van Allen Plexico will discuss why “Pulp Fiction Isn’t Just a Tarantino...