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The Writing Spectacle · 14h ago

Doncha Hate It?

Doncha hate it when you get home from the store and realize you forgot something really important?  Exacerbated by the fact you live 20 miles from the store? So you have to schedule another ...
The Writing Spectacle · 2d ago

Sunday Update - Week 12

Hello again.This past week was an exercise in toadness.  Not even sure what happened there.  It was Sunday and then it's Sunday again. I'm up to about 93% done with making edit notes for Wis...
The Writing Spectacle · 3d ago

Saturday Fishing Report - 3/25/17

Saturday 3/18 - It was a beautiful day.  I went out in the afternoon with Hubs and got skunked.  Noteable part of the day:  That guy a while back who was shouting expletives at the top of hi...
The Writing Spectacle · 5d ago

Thursday This n That

I'm really not sure where my head has been lately.  I totally screwed up Sunday's post.  I totally missed Tuesday's post.  But I'm here for Thursday.  That counts, right?Monday got into the ...
The Writing Spectacle · 1W ago

Sunday Update - Week 11

Yes, I know this isn't Sunday.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize yesterday was Sunday until it was afternoon and by then I couldn't muster the gumption to write an update post. Writing... Nop...
The Writing Spectacle · 1W ago

Saturday Fishing Report - 3/18/17

Hello and welcome again to my Saturday Fishing Report. It was a slow week for fishing because the weather pretty much blew.  And blew.  And got cold.  It was gross.  Lucky for my sanity, tha...
The Writing Spectacle · 1W ago

Fiction and Lying for a Living

Let me start out by making one thing perfectly clear...  I am a fiction writer.  I don't 'lie for a living'. Never once have I tried to imply that the fiction I write is in any way the truth...
The Writing Spectacle · 1W ago

Thursday This n That

Every day it gets a little more difficult to not post what I really want to post. The weather here has been cold.  Which means no fishing since last Thursday.  I really really hope I can get...
The Writing Spectacle · 2W ago

Thought for the Day

Some days I just want to run around the countryside smacking people in the back of the head.  
The Writing Spectacle · 2W ago

Sunday Update - Week 10

Last night was the time change, so my clock says I'm writing this at 6:47am, but my body feels like it's 5:47am.  What a dirty trick those politicians played on the people of the world.  But...