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The Yum Yum Factor · 5d ago

Win Tickets to Taste Matters at the Liberty Grand

Eva'sDid you know that every night, more than 2000 Toronto youth are living in the street?Of those 2000, 79% of them site parental addiction, physical, psychological, sexual and emotional ab...
The Yum Yum Factor · 1W ago

Peruvian Shrimp with Aji Verde Sauce

This Peruvian inspired shrimp is currently one of my most requested dishes and by most requested, I mean that people basically command me to make this for dinner when they come over.The aji sauce is usually served with rotisserie chicken but I like w...
The Yum Yum Factor · 1W ago

Supper Clubs, Drop in Dinners and Cooking Classes OR Why October Owns Me

Wow, October is a crazy month for me and if you live in the Toronto area, I hope you can join me for at least one of these great events!I have been super busy working for the last month at my catering bootcamp and have barely had time to think and no...
The Yum Yum Factor · 1M ago

My World is a Better Place with Hearts of Palm Ceviche

Oh, I do love a challenge. An upcoming pop up was going to require a vegetarian option as a main to go alongside my Octopus Aguachile and Asian Shrimp with Spicy Ponzu and I was really hitti...
The Yum Yum Factor · 1M ago

Rome Notebook: Postcard from Roma

The greatest thing about European travel in the age of the EU is that you can get dirt che...
The Yum Yum Factor · 2M ago

Octopus Aguachile

If you like ceviche, you are going to love aguachile. Read more »
The Yum Yum Factor · 2M ago

Aji Risotto Cakes - A Peruvian, An Italian and an Instant Pot Walk Into A Bar......

You all know how I love a show stopper and this one is a spectacular dish to serve the nex...
The Yum Yum Factor · 2M ago

Instant Pot Potato Chorizo Soup

What to do with a couple of leftover, cooked chorizo, two potatoes and some leeks?MAKE SOUP!Read more »
The Yum Yum Factor · 3M ago

Zucchi Olive Oil Blending Event - Flavor Your Life

Earlier this month I was invited to the Toronto Zucchi Olive Oil Blending Event hosted by Aria Restaurant, here in Toronto.  I LOVE extra virgin olive oil and was intrigued by the whole blen...
The Yum Yum Factor · 3M ago

Peach Ricotta Crepes and a Dole Giveaway!

I have a confession to make:I really like the texture of canned fruit, especially peaches.Read more »