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theartfuldiva · 3W ago

Giver Her a Hand!

Beginning the quilting process - I spent too much at the machine today.  My hands are actually numb!
theartfuldiva · 1M ago


Pinning applique down on the quilt top is a pain - I'm constantly stabbing myself and breaking nails!
theartfuldiva · 1M ago

Oh my stars!

It's been ages since I've posted.  The holidays were so much fun - but left little time for art.  I've been working on a new piece.  It's hush, hush at the moment...what will it be?
theartfuldiva · 1M ago

Promise fulfilled...

I walked into the studio this morning and to my surprise the Christmas cactus had burst into full bloom - it surely survives on neglect!
theartfuldiva · 2M ago

Promise of Things to Come...

The little Christmas cactus that sits on the windowsill in my studio is beginning to bloom - a Christmas miracle!
theartfuldiva · 2M ago

Oh Christmas Tree...

It's a rainy, cold day even here in SWFL.  I did manage my daily walk, but my brain was going faster than my feet.  We're hosting a dinner party in a few days.  I decided to make some small ...
theartfuldiva · 2M ago

A Day at the Beach collage

I'm calling her done - may add a little paint to the flowers in her hair...gotta think about it a bit.
theartfuldiva · 2M ago

Bits and Pieces...#1

Continuing on with collage...Determining placement of background inspiration first layer of background (paint)adhere background inspiration piece using matte mediumincorporate background inspiration piece with paint
theartfuldiva · 2M ago

Pieces of the Puzzle...

Sifting through images of figures, features, landscapes, etc.; cutting out, rearranging, putting together, theory of thirds, adding paint...what will it become?
theartfuldiva · 2M ago


I've accumulated a ton of magazines.  It's about time to do something with them before they overtake my studio.  Sorting through pages, saving only images and words I may use in mixed media ...