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The Blonde Salad · 1h ago

Beyond the Fog

Pure light. A touch of gold, a touch of black. We are fearless. Beyond the fog lies clarity. Produced by — Read more
The Blonde Salad · 3h ago

Beauty Brand 2 Know: Nails Inc

Thea Green, former Fashion Editor at Tatler, used to travel a lot for her job. It was on t...
The Blonde Salad · 3h ago

5 Apps You Need to Download For Your Summer

Summer is here and your vacation is fast approaching! You selected a destination, purchased your tickets well in advance, and — Read more
The Blonde Salad · 1d ago

Man Crush Monday: Raury

He turned 21 just a few days ago, on June 10 to be precise, but our Man of the week — Read more
The Blonde Salad · 1d ago

6 ways to style your little black dress totally differently

There is one fashion piece all girls have in their wardrobes without exception. And I’m no...
The Blonde Salad · 1d ago

How to choose the perfect highlighter for your skin

We’ve been telling you in every possible way by now, your life needs a highlighter. We also realized that the — Read more
The Blonde Salad · 4d ago

Miami Fashion Week, with Valentina: emerging brands and ecology

Attending a fashion week that is not part of the “classic” circuit of fashion weeks is alw...
The Blonde Salad · 4d ago

TBS Taste: Casa Infante e Leopoldo, Naples comes to Milan!

Neapolitans in Milan have been hoping this would happen for a while, and people from North...
The Blonde Salad · 4d ago

Metal details are the coolest makeup trend of summer 2017

Forget glow: metal details are the trend you should wear during summer 2017! We don’t just want a bronze-like effect — Read more
The Blonde Salad · 5d ago

Add a pinch of (sea) salt to your summer beauty routine!

Make sure you mark my words, because they will be your summer’s password: sea salt. Yes, that’s right, this is — Read more