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The Blonde Salad · 17m ago

Tell me how you do your hair and I’ll tell you what celebrity you are

In the hottest days of the summer, all of us who have long hair will do the same thing: we — Read more
The Blonde Salad · 36m ago

How to wear white in the summer, creatively

Normally, we tend to think of white as a romantic and feminine color, and our minds immediately go to our — Read more
The Blonde Salad · 1d ago

What to do if you got a sunburn: a guide

Let me be brutally honest: if you got a sunburn, you either a) spent too much time in the sun — Read more
The Blonde Salad · 3d ago

Summer 2017: the perfect time to catch up on the best TV series of the year!

What does it mean to be off work and school? There can be a billion answers to that questi...
The Blonde Salad · 3d ago

Shop the style… Jesse Jo Stark

Every city has the “popular girl” we would all like to be friends with, or whose style be would like — Read more
The Blonde Salad · 6d ago

At Yincool Fashion Weekend, hunting for new Latvian, Chinese, and Italian talents

If we say white sand and untouched beaches, what pops into your mind? Probably some Caribbean island, right? No, that’s — Read more
The Blonde Salad · 6d ago

You can’t say you’ve been to Italy unless you’ve tried at least 6 of these Italian dishes!

How often do we sing the praises of Italy on this megazine? The sea, the mountains, the la...
The Blonde Salad · 1w ago

Shop the style: Simi Haze

Sama and Haya Khadra, also known on social media as @simihaze, are our favorite twins in the world of fashion — Read more
The Blonde Salad · 1w ago

Pool party? Be daring with colored makeup

It’s not summer until someone says: pool party! So you must be ready for whenever an invitation comes your way — Read more
The Blonde Salad · 1W ago

Unusual Greece: 7 untouched and not too touristy islands

Mykonos, Zakynthos, Santorini, Corfu: each is unbelievably beautiful. They are also the mo...