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The Blonde Salad · 20h ago

Hoping to meet your next boyfriend during the holidays? Here are some look ideas that will steal everyone’s heart!

If you’re dreaming of a movie-like finale for your year, we are pretty sure your idea involves a potential future — Read more
The Blonde Salad · 1d ago

Holiday hair look: get inspired by red carpet and runways

Lights up! The countdown has begun, and all you need to do now is just enjoy the holidays, away from — Read more
The Blonde Salad · 2d ago

3 cool ideas for wearing sneakers this winter

If you’ve been closely following Chiara’s Instagram feed, you may have realized that sneakers are one of her must-have items — Read more
The Blonde Salad · 2d ago

Taylor Swift’s 10 Best Red Carpet Looks

Keep calm and… say happy birthday to Taylor Swift! That’s right, today the queen of pop celebrates her twenty-eighth birthday, — Read more
The Blonde Salad · 3d ago

Top 15 Christmas trees in the world 2017

Decorated or super-minimal, colorful or monochrome, classic or unconventional: there are many different Christmas trees and they absolutely are the — Read more
The Blonde Salad · 5d ago

Beauty Brand 2 Know: Aedes De Venustas

Karl Bradl and Robert Gerstner are the founders of olfactory art gallery Aedes De Venustas...
The Blonde Salad · 1W ago

3 reasons to love that mini-perfume in your handbag

Let’s be honest: we can probably leave the house without foundation, but none of us could leave without perfume. Fragrances — Read more
The Blonde Salad · 1W ago

Why invest on clothing, when you can just go for party shoes?

Accessories have a magical power, and here is what it is: if you combine them the right way, they can — Read more
The Blonde Salad · 1W ago

3 ways to style your puffer jacket like Chiara Ferragni

You will surely have realized that puffer jackets are once again a winter must-have for your closet! We say YES, loud and clear, — Read more
The Blonde Salad · 1W ago

Getting cold in town? Here are 20 oversize sweaters you can buy online!

Cold winter temperatures caught us by surprise over the last few days, and trying to keep looking cool might be — Read more