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theLoveLogic -Relationship and · 5M ago

Dropping in from Casper

Hello everyone I'm James, I'm 42 hoping to meet someone here and have fun Sent from my Metal Plus M50 using Tapatalk
theLoveLogic -Relationship and · 6M ago

My status

Hi guys am I not nice enough? Why guys keep play me?Image:
theLoveLogic -Relationship and · 7M ago

Question Was I being paranoid and am I in the wrong?

I've been dating this guy for two years now. I guess the whole Facebook thing has become an issue. Whether you put that you're in a relationship or...
theLoveLogic -Relationship and · 8M ago

Am i desirable??

This is yet another subject i have been bullied about,could someone please tell me if im ugly or if im not then what am i[emoji27] I feel undesirable...
theLoveLogic -Relationship and · 8M ago

Help Damaged clitoris

Hey! I am worried that my clitoris was damaged during my childhood. I was playing, and got a metal pole struck right between my legs. It was a...
theLoveLogic -Relationship and · 9M ago

Urgent Heartbreaking

I was in long term relationship, we were together everyday and he had said he planned to be w me the rest of his life I'll just get to the...
theLoveLogic -Relationship and · 11M ago

Just For Fun Do Cars Get Girls? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
theLoveLogic -Relationship and · 11M ago

Question Do Cars Get Girls? Can you or have you ever gotten a girl using solely your car? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
theLoveLogic -Relationship and · 1Y ago

Question Difficulty achieving an orgasm

Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
theLoveLogic -Relationship and · 1Y ago

Deep Thought Should you bring a man home when you have girls over the sge of2

I dont think its coool especially these days cause whete im from they start at 1 and if it was my child i cut his dick off with no remorse Sent...