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theLoveLogic -Relationship and · 1W ago

Jealousy in marriage

I am married and have wife who is 15 years older to me.she is my second wife and I have a kid first wife.My parents and siblings family is...
theLoveLogic -Relationship and · 2W ago


Image: Gesendet von meinem SM-G935F mit Tapatalk
theLoveLogic -Relationship and · 3W ago

Want to reconnect with my ex

Hello all, well i dont know what to do now as i have now understood that i was actually hurting her more and more and i understand that once she is...
theLoveLogic -Relationship and · 1M ago

Just For Fun Swingers

Couple wanting to try new things Sent from my MotoE2(4G-LTE) using Tapatalk
theLoveLogic -Relationship and · 3M ago

Question How come when I try to talk to my husband he claims I'm bitching?

Anytime I really try and talk to husband I am bitching and he never hears a word I am saying..
theLoveLogic -Relationship and · 3M ago

Question Is it ok for your spouse to disappear for the day?

Is it ok for your spouse to disappear for the day? No call, nothing just disappear?
theLoveLogic -Relationship and · 3M ago

Question How to retrieve a deleted text from iPhone 6

Really want to know how I can retrieve a deleted text!!
theLoveLogic -Relationship and · 3M ago

What should I do ....I've been fooled!!

Like the case of Michelle who got cheated on by her husband for nine years and betraying and duping her off 30,000 usd she had to find out what was...
theLoveLogic -Relationship and · 3M ago

How I caught a cheating partner after nine years of complete faithfulness

I've been cheated by my spouse for so long...he even had kids out there...I could not have found this out if not for He is as...
theLoveLogic -Relationship and · 4M ago

"Discover How To Make Your OwnAdult Board Games With MoreHot SEX & Fun Foreplay Ide

Image: Remember the fun and excitement you had playing board games when...