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The New York Times · 5h ago

Devin Nunes Met Intelligence Source on White House Grounds

The meeting was likely to intensify questions about what prompted the congressman to say that President Trump or others may have been “incidentally” wiretapped and who gave him the informati...
The New York Times · 14m ago

Thieves Take a Chunk of Change, All 221 Pounds of It, From a Berlin Museum

The police say robbers broke into the Bode Museum and made off with the Canadian Big Maple Leaf coin, the world’s largest.
The New York Times · 56m ago

White Suspect in Black Man’s Killing Is Indicted on Terror Charges

James Harris Jackson, who the police said confessed to killing Timothy Caughman in Midtown last week, could spend life in prison.
The New York Times · 1h ago

Raiders, Mosul, Jared Kushner: Your Monday Evening Briefing

Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.
The New York Times · 8h ago

Stocks Take a Hit After Health Care Overhaul Falters

The major market indicators fell to their lowest levels since early February on Monday.
The New York Times · 14m ago

Inhabitants of Maldives Atoll Fear a Flood of Saudi Money

Saudi Arabia plans to invest $10 billion in Faafu Atoll, where some worry that they will be uprooted by new development if the islands are sold.
The New York Times · 4h ago

Addiction Specialists Ponder a Potential Aid: Pot

Some clinicians think marijuana may help ease the transition out of addiction, while critics say substituting one drug for another is no solution.
The New York Times · 1h ago

Coalition Airstrikes Raising Concerns About Civilian Deaths

Recent airstrikes from U.S.-led coalition forces in Syria and Iraq have raised concerns about whether the United States military has become less selective in its targeting.
The New York Times · 5h ago

Asia and Australia Edition: Mosul, Russia, Queensland: Your Morning Briefing

Here’s what you need to know to start your day.
The New York Times · 4h ago

At Site of Deaths, Our Reporters Find Cost of U.S.-ISIS Battle

Times reporters are in Mosul, Iraq, to assess reports that less time is being taken to weigh risks for civilians as the battle intensifies.