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The New York Times · 8h ago

Trump Steps Up Attacks on Sessions, Calling Recusal Bad for the Presidency

President Trump criticized his attorney general, Jeff Sessions, saying he was “disappointed” that Mr. Sessions removed himself from the Russia investigation.
The New York Times · 23m ago

Rescue Plan to Improve Subways Includes Removing Seats

As part of the nearly $800 million plan, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has promised to repair outdated signals and overhaul trains.
The New York Times · 23m ago

Public Health: ‘Skinny’ Obamacare Repeal Would Clash With Republicans’ Health Care Promises

The new option being considered by Senate leaders could plausibly be described as Obamacare repeal. But it would disrupt markets and raise premiums.
The New York Times · 1h ago

Pence Breaks Tie as Senate Votes to Begin Debating Obamacare Repeal

With Senator John McCain also casting a dramatic vote, senators decided to begin debating the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, but the bill’s fate is uncertain.
The New York Times · 3h ago

Scaramucci on Leaks: ‘I’m Going to Fire Everybody’

Another member of the White House press shop resigned as President Trump’s new communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, threatened to fire the whole staff to stop leaking.
The New York Times · 10h ago

Health Care Briefing: Senate Health Care Decision: Critical Republicans to Vote Yes

Senator John McCain of Arizona, jetting to Washington after a diagnosis of brain cancer, arrives in the Senate at 2:45 p.m. for a vote to begin the health care debate.
The New York Times · 1h ago

Traces of Controversial Herbicide Are Found in Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

The ice cream brand joins the list of food companies that are grappling with trace amounts of glyphosate in their products.
The New York Times · 2h ago

After Trump Injects Politics Into Speech, Boy Scouts Face Blowback

The group tried to distance itself from a speech by President Trump that was laced with political attacks and enraged many parents and former Scouts.
The New York Times · 2h ago

E.U. Uneasy About Impact of New U.S. Sanctions on Russia

The European Union is divided over proposed American sanctions on Russia that could affect the Nord Stream 2 pipeline for Russian natural gas to Germany.
The New York Times · 1h ago

Justin Bieber Cancels ‘Purpose’ Tour Dates for His ‘Soul and Well-Being’

The pop singer has performed more than 150 shows in the last 16 months.