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Thibeault's Table Recipes are meant to be shared.....

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Thibeault's Table · 3d ago

Honey Garlic Chili Chicken

Last night's dinner.This was one of those spur of the moment dinners.I had bought boneless...
Thibeault's Table · 4d ago

Butter Chicken

Dinner tonight was quick and easy.The recipe for Butter Chicken (Christine Smart) comes fr...
Thibeault's Table · 1M ago

Dinner for Breakfast

Something to be said for not being able to sleep past 4:00 AM. Especially on a work day.I ...
Thibeault's Table · 1M ago

Custom Bread Knife by David Coull - ITG Knives

Baked bread recently so I could try out my beautiful new bread knife  handcrafted by David...
Thibeault's Table · 2M ago

"Servir du Fromage Petite" - Petite Cheese Servers

"Servir du Fromage Petite"Introducing a new board to our Collection.
Thibeault's Table · 2M ago

Halibut Fish and Chips

Halibut season opened last week.The first halibut of the season landedin the stores last T...
Thibeault's Table · 2M ago

Pizza Night

From earlier this month.Started a batch of dough on Sunday night and bakedpizza and two lo...
Thibeault's Table · 2M ago

Bookmatched Sets

We purchased this wood a couple of years ago from a northern Vancouver Island bowl turner. He was selling 20 blocks, sealed in bees wax for 30 years, all with amazing rare and unique figures...
Thibeault's Table · 2M ago

Round Servers

Requests for more long handled round boardsso we added a few to our Table Art Collection.These rounds are perfect for serving pizza.Five piece set.Boards cut all from the same plank.We try not to waste any of the wood 
Thibeault's Table · 2M ago

Long Handled Bread Boards

Hand-crafted from local Vancouver island Big Leaf Maple.Three  Long Handled Bread boards.Two are long enough for baguettes.Although I am calling these bread boards, they will also make beautiful serving boards for cheese and charcuterie as well as su...