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Thimblerig's Ark · 1d ago

Thimblerig’s Picks, Oscars 2017

Supporting Actor Mahershala Ali, Moonlight √ Cinematography Arrival La La Land Documentary Feature Life Animated O.J.: Made In America Best Documentary …Continue reading →
Thimblerig's Ark · 2W ago

The Winners of the 25th Annual MovieGuide® Awards

Each year for the past 25 years, MovieGuide® has held an awards show where they award films and television shows …Continue reading →
Thimblerig's Ark · 3W ago

Thimblerig’s Ark is Free, Feb 3 & 4!

In honor of yesterday’s most important holiday Groundhog’s Day (why isn’t it a day off, Mr. Trump? That should have …Continue reading →
Thimblerig's Ark · 1M ago

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone • Thimblerig’s Review

[Note from Nate: Usually, I write the reviews for this blog. But, living in China, I’m restricted to films that have …Continue reading →
Thimblerig's Ark · 1M ago

The 2017 Oscar Nominees

The 2017 Oscar Nominees are in! What do you think about these nominations? Any big surprises? Any disappointing shutouts? Will …Continue reading →
Thimblerig's Ark · 1M ago

The 2016 MOVIEGUIDE® Awards Nominations

With some sort of activity happening tomorrow in the far right side of the country, you may have missed a little …Continue reading →
Thimblerig's Ark · 1M ago

American Cultural Christianity Roundup • the film edition • January 11, 2017

There have been several notable stories in the world of Christian-made film these past few days, and I wanted to …Continue reading →
Thimblerig's Ark · 1M ago

Are Christian Filmmakers Being Tapped To Direct Future Star Wars Stand-Alone Films?

A long time ago in galaxy close, close by… The church had abandoned Hollywood. Then, THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST …Continue reading →
Thimblerig's Ark · 2M ago

No words…

Thimblerig's Ark · 2M ago

Sleep Isn’t Coming Easily This Christmas Eve

It starts with Mohammed, the Somali refugee who drives for Uber to make ends meet. Mohammed, a father of four, …Continue reading →