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Think Crafts Think Crafts is a blog for everyone who loves art, creative design, and working with their hands.
Think Crafts · 14h ago

Story Stones

A lot of the time, the simplest toys can be the most fun, and that's why I love the idea b...
Think Crafts · 1d ago

Free Stuff Friday!!

It's Friday, and it's still SUMMER (barely). To celebrate the last few weeks of Summer we have a Tulip Ultimate One-Step Tie-Dye Kit to give away!
Think Crafts · 2d ago

Birthday Wishes Using the Card Weaving Technique

Create this stunning card with just a few simple steps. Its elegant design makes it great for any occasion from birthday to anniversary and everywhere in between. This design is one that you will love so much that you will look for reasons to use it...
Think Crafts · 3d ago

Pet Cactus

Make yourself a no-maintenance friend with this quick craft. Sit your new little buddy on your desk, or shelf, and enjoy not having to water him!
Think Crafts · 4d ago

Kawaii M&M Cookie Clay Charm

Make a sweet little M & M cookie charm to add some cuteness to a keychain or wear as a nec...
Think Crafts · 5d ago

Recessed Die Cut Backgrounds and Die Cut Heart Flowers

Have you ever wanted to decorate the inside of your card, but weren’t sure how? A recessed background is a great way to decorate both the inside and outside together. A few of your favorite dies is all you need to create the beautiful flowers in th...
Think Crafts · 5d ago

Free Stuff Friday Winner!!

Happy Monday! Let's start off the week right with this week's Free Stuff Friday winner announcement. Congratulations to...Shelley! Enjoy your Fiskars Scissors!
Think Crafts · 5d ago

Fish Decoration

This cute fish decoration is really easy to make so children of all ages can enjoy this craft.
Think Crafts · 6d ago

Kids’ Crafts: Bookmarks

With back to school season in full swing, it's time to break out those books! Get kids excited to read with homemade bookmarks they'll love to show off!
Think Crafts · 1w ago


So, mushrooms may be the food that I hate the most. Being a vegetarian, it can be a little...