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Think Spin · 1W ago

White House Pulls The Plug On Meals On Wheels

Considered a non-essential item in the White House budget, the Meals on Wheels program will likely be terminated along with grandma — “Whose life expectancy exceeds her value to society,” ac...
Think Spin · 3W ago

DeVos To Rollout Her Vodka Soda Swap Plan For Schools

Higher education depends on a higher tolerance to alcohol. ~Betsy DeVos In Betsy DeVos first action as Secretary of Education, she called for an expansion of Michelle Obama‘s healthy school ...
Think Spin · 4W ago

New Trump, Same As The Old Trump

During the President’s first address to Congress, television viewers watched the relaunch of President Trump. A New Trump, who looked like the Old Trump but didn’t insult anybody. Before ste...
Think Spin · 1M ago

Sweden Incident: The Migrant Meatball Crisis

The sneeze heard around the world. The cause of the Sweden Incident became clearer late Sunday night in newly leaked information from the Trump White House. A kitchen in Stockholm is the foc...
Think Spin · 1M ago

A Blog In Progress

I’ve been blogging off and on since 2009, the year I lost my job during the not-so-great recession. Back then I blogged to purge my thoughts and never thought about finding a niche for my bl...
Think Spin · 3M ago

A Draft From My Fleeting Thoughts

I tried writing a blog post today and ended up floating through social media sites, adhering to the parameters of my short attention span. On Twitter, I attempted to write 140 characters of ...
Think Spin · 3M ago

America Elects Its Next Celebrity President

It’s not surprising that Trump won the election. Americans love reality television. Millio...
Think Spin · 4M ago

Writer’s Block: Blame It On Trump!

This morning, I had every intention of writing a blog post but that same old dread enveloped me like a noxious fog — President-Elect Trump. Eye twitches. I tried to calm myself by meditating...
Think Spin · 5M ago

In Search of the Endangered Attention Span

Interacting on Facebook and Twitter takes less time than writing a 400-word blog post. 400...
Think Spin · 6M ago

Blogging Your Way Back To Writing

Why write a post for free when I should be revising a story I want to sell to a magazine? Writing is my focus, not blogging.