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Think Spin · 2W ago

Write and Embrace the Strange

If you can't fit between the lines, don't try to squeeze into a compromising position.
Think Spin · 3M ago

A Tale of Two Blogging Platforms

You may have noticed a silence lately emanating from my blog. Words missing. Subscribers slipping. A blog on the verge of extinction. But, it couldn’t be the farthest from the truth. I’ve just migrated over to the Medium blogging platform that has a ...
Think Spin · 6M ago

Blog Post: Headline Not Included!

I used to wait until I had a headline before writing a blog post but realized a headline corrals your thoughts. Sometimes you need to let your thoughts run free. See where they lead you, not...
Think Spin · 9M ago

Blogger, Writer, Tech Support Stalker

When you buy a piece of Internet real estate, you inherit all the quirks. After three weeks of the dashboard doldrums, I can finally write again without waiting five minutes to login, and an...
Think Spin · 10M ago

The Improv Playground of Deranged Spontaneity

Where thoughts run free… I’m back at the keyboard trying to put together a sentence. Woo-hoo! Got one! Now, where do I go from here? Down the page, of course, keyboarding my way through a bramble of thoughts. Ouch! I wish they’d stop needling me. Yet...
Think Spin · 11M ago

Freedom of Speech Is A License to Speak — Use It, Or Lose It!

As writers, we have a responsibility to speak out when things get under our skin and poke ...
Think Spin · 11M ago

A Doctor Almost Killed My Father

My father’s fragile frame paces through my mind, dressed in a flimsy gown, hiding the dignity he tries to keep. With a nurse on each arm, he sloths toward the exit sign, a cruel promise reso...
Think Spin · 11M ago

Finding My Focus In Life And Writing

I’ve always had trouble finding my way from Point A to Point B and often end up at Point Z. With thoughts in a constant state of flux, the only way to anchor them is to purge them onto paper...
Think Spin · 12M ago

Why Writers Write

| Moment Catchers | Word Shapers | Many of us didn’t choose to become writers. Writing bec...
Think Spin · 1Y ago

In Search of My Blog’s Soul

I’ve been searching for my blog’s soul that I lost over time. -Will I find it with my car keys? -Do blogs have a soul? Questions, so many questions… A nugget of curiosity rattles around in y...