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thinkingblue · 3W ago

This Is So Good - Dear Red States By Martha Shaw

thinkingblue · 2M ago

Reason Won in France

I WISH ALL IN AMERICA COULD READ THIS… but alas, we are still in the grip (stranglehold) of the Republican Party who will stop at nothing to reap power… and I mean NOTHING! (Even to allowing...
thinkingblue · 3M ago

America Is the New ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq)

Thanks to Donald Trump's Gorsuch pick for the SCOTUS. thinkingblueNeil Gorsuch’s very first decision on the Supreme Court was to let a man be killedDonald Trump’s kind of justice.Thursday ev...
thinkingblue · 3M ago

Too Important Not to Share

What are the 4 and possibly 5 grounds for Trump's impeachment? Why isn't it happening now? Watch our new video to find out, and please share.~Robert Reich~
thinkingblue · 5M ago

Will the Presidency Become Trump's Final Chaotic Chapter?

Please watch the unbelievable (stomach-churning) documentary uncovering the real Trump... and now Trump the Narcissistic Sociopath IS PRESIDENT OF THE USA. Can’t wait to see the Trump finale...
thinkingblue · 5M ago

Putin's Wet Dream of a World Autocracy (with Putin at the helm) is Coming to a Country Near You

A Must Read. How Putin (and Trump is using the threat of terrorism and yesteryear’s status quo to stamp out Democracy. thinkingblue
thinkingblue · 5M ago

Ponzi Schemes’ Newest Victim

Public school teachers are now at risk of losing their jobs and low-income children will be locked out for good in the hope of attaining “The (only for the rich) American Dream”. So what els...
thinkingblue · 5M ago

Whispers of an Unthinkable Past, Haunting the Now Present

Not so long ago (before Nov. 8th, 2016—when the world still had hope for a better future.) no one would have ever believed what is happening today within the Whitehouse and our American gove...
thinkingblue · 5M ago

Trump Bullying World One Continent At A Time

Trump Just Tried His Bullying Technique on AustraliaEvery day when I turn on my computer, I think to myself... What kind of lunatic tweet has Nut-ball in Chief’s tiny little fingers typed ou...
thinkingblue · 5M ago

Interview with Madness (First Whitehouse Interview with Donald Trump)

Watch this interview; it will scare the bejesus out of you; Commander (Bozo) in Chief at his very best MADNESS! Our Leader… We are doomed if this embodiment of Sarah Palin, in male fly front...