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Thoughts · 1M ago

Boys and Girls

The other day, on the Saturday before Easter, to be precise, and this matters, I was driving around finishing the last shopping for the holiday, or rather "Holy Day".  As I used to do often,...
Thoughts · 3M ago

Tahini Recipes

Once upon a newspaper, I clipped these recipes.  I'll put them here for safer and more convenient reference.1.  I made these cookies only once, because they are just too delicious (you know ...
Thoughts · 3M ago

A morning in the life of a grandma

Grandbaby is coming for childminding.  The very smart daughter has to study for an exam.--Good for all of us.  This is where life is really at.  Hubby and I went to Lenten service in town la...
Thoughts · 3M ago

Airports in Canada in March

For the funeral, I flew in some smaller planes for short distance flights (in Canada not so very short distance).  At home, it was -30 below that morning, when leaving.  But the time at the ...
Thoughts · 3M ago

Travels / The End of World War II Stories / Hymn for funeral

We have completed some traveling just now, the latest trip having been to attend the funeral of an uncle in Vancouver. He is the husband of my father's oldest sister and he was quite old whe...
Thoughts · 4M ago

Luther on Hymns and Spiritual Songs

From:  Luther's Works Volume 76, pp. 299-302. (American Edition)"Let the Word of God dwell among you richly in all wisdom, teac...
Thoughts · 4M ago

CBC Radio and Amatonormativity

I tried to send a comment to CBC radio on its one-sided interviewing, but I could not find the place to comment. This is what I almost posted to Facebook, but then I thought "Why ruin more ...
Thoughts · 5M ago

Persecution of Christians
Thoughts · 6M ago

Sin Against the Holy Spirit--not believing that Christ has made you clean and is now your brother

Luther in an Easter Sermon:Therefore, I will say:  "I know very well that I am an unworthy man, worthy to be the devil's brother (not Christ's or His saints').  But now Christ has said that ...
Thoughts · 6M ago

O come Emanuel and ransom captive Israel