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Thoughts of the Thought-Less · 19h ago

A Marker

Today I made a sincere prayer, I asked God to end my life if what's waiting for me is what I have seen glimpses off the last week.I don't want to live life is that's what I am going to go th...
Thoughts of the Thought-Less · 2W ago

The fairness of life

I still believe Daddy's death was unfair. I need my father. He is everything I have. It wasn't fair to lose my mother early in my life. It was neither fair for me nor for my brother, sister ...
Thoughts of the Thought-Less · 2M ago

The Little Things

I don't remember exactly how and when I broke free from the "I want to get married" corner. The last thing I remember was H, and how "perfect" he seemed to be. I wanted to marry him. Then he...
Thoughts of the Thought-Less · 2M ago


I used to get jealous. I used to feel the heaviness of competition. Then I met him. And I realized that I shouldn't feel threatened by other women. There will always be other women but their...
Thoughts of the Thought-Less · 2M ago

3 A.M. Thoughts

Sometimes I wonder whether he ruined me beyond fixing or fixed me beyond ruining.
Thoughts of the Thought-Less · 2M ago


He said that I needed a fight so he gave me what I needed. I denied that I was looking for a fight yet kept fighting.He listened, he doesn't usually listen.He listened because I was angry an...
Thoughts of the Thought-Less · 3M ago


Sometimes I think that if it weren't for my persistence I wouldn't have had any relationship with any of the ex's.I know it is good to think that they have chosen to keep me around because t...
Thoughts of the Thought-Less · 3M ago

One fine Monday

I have a sort of obsessive compulsive thing. Some thoughts -negative thoughts-  take over my mind. I just can't help it. And it takes me lots of work to keep it checked. It drains me.I try n...
Thoughts of the Thought-Less · 4M ago


He keeps listing my blessings. He said that I shouldn't be that sad. I have no "obligations" in life except to the things I choose.I have no father, no mother, no children and no husband. I ...
Thoughts of the Thought-Less · 4M ago

Out of Character

Seven months ago I got strange phone call from someone I never comfortable around.The phone call seemed "benign", it was full of the regular "I want the best for you" nonsense.But I got one ...