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Thoughts of the Thought-Less · 4d ago

On Freedom

Freedom is a scary thing. People never think of freedom in terms of responsibility. Freedom is a scary thing. 
Thoughts of the Thought-Less · 6d ago

A Valentine's Day Thought

When Daddy died all my men kept their distance. No one showed up. They offered "remote" support. In fact they offer "text" condolences and disappeared.I waited for them to show up, I needed ...
Thoughts of the Thought-Less · 1W ago


Last night I cried myself to sleep. I wasn't lonely, I stopped feeling lonely. I cried because life was way unbearable. And I couldn't find ways to deal with it.I had a squence of nightmares...
Thoughts of the Thought-Less · 1M ago

Lessons of Change

Though I don't like writing about "him" yet there is something that I have learned being with him.It is simple, intuitive yet worth writing about, you don't have to stick to a person who mak...
Thoughts of the Thought-Less · 1M ago

Crystal Clear

One of the things I learned about me and my relationships' pattern is that I am the problem not men.They had their share and everything. But it is me who can't settle. I get bored and I star...
Thoughts of the Thought-Less · 1M ago

A kindly reminder

Beware of the hormones' logic
Thoughts of the Thought-Less · 1M ago

Changing Tides

A single sentence that changed a course of life:"I am not planning to leave here/you/this.."
Thoughts of the Thought-Less · 2M ago

A Decade

Ten years ago I posted my very first hello world on this blog. Back then I was frustrated, and creating a blog was Sameh's suggestion.Before creating the blog I used to email my thoughts to ...
Thoughts of the Thought-Less · 2M ago


There is one thing about sex that makes or breaks relationships. Sex isn't something a girl "give" to a man. Sex is something you "share" with a man. Sex is just another thing you do because...
Thoughts of the Thought-Less · 2M ago


X: I don't think you changed. I don't think anything changed.Y: Really! You don't think anything changed? Let me enlighten you then. When I met you I wanted to marry you. When I met you I wa...