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tuscanyholidayrent · 19h ago

Escher on display at Palazzo Blu, Pisa

The overwhelming, hypnotic genius of Maurits Cornelis Escher on show in Pisa. Continue reading →
tuscanyholidayrent · 2W ago

Human fragility and enduring art: Urs Fischer in Florence

Urs Fischer exhibition in Piazza della Signoria, Florence, from September 23rd to January 21st. Continue reading →
tuscanyholidayrent · 3W ago

Lucca celebrates its Feast of the Cross

An ancient relic, a millenary tradition, a magnificent walled town. These the ingredients of Lucca’s major celebration. Continue reading →
tuscanyholidayrent · 3W ago

Sansepolcro, celebrating tradition with its Palio della Balestra

In the Valtiberina for over 400 years there’s a town doing its best to keep traditions alive. Hoist your crossbows and salute Sansepolcro and its Palio della Balestra. Continue reading →
tuscanyholidayrent · 4W ago

Vicopisano and its Festa Medievale

  In the north of the province of Pisa, only 16 km (nearly 10 mi) from the Leaning Tower, lies the town of Vicopisano. It spreads between the banks of the river Arno and Mount Pisano and is ...
tuscanyholidayrent · 1M ago

Cortonantiquaria 2017

Cortonantiquaria 2017, on from August 19th to September 3rd. Not just an antiques showcase. Continue reading →
tuscanyholidayrent · 1M ago

Medievalis, when Pontremoli returns to 1226

In the heart of Tuscany’s historic territory, Lunigiana, lies Pontremoli with an age-old history going back to 1000 BC. Here every year in August they celebrate the Middle Ages with Medieval...
tuscanyholidayrent · 1M ago

Calici di Stelle 2017 in Liguria

This wine and star gazing event is occurring all over Italy on the occasion of the Perseids meteor shower around August 10. Every region organizes evening wine tasting events opening up thei...
tuscanyholidayrent · 1M ago

Calici di Stelle 2017 in Tuscany

Imagine sipping an excellent wine surrounded by the magnificent Tuscan countryside while gazing upon the stars. You can do it anytime with us, but if you're in Italy between August 10 and 15...
tuscanyholidayrent · 2M ago

Cortona Mix Festival 2017

Cortona Mix Festival: a bit of all the arts and much more. Continue reading →