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Tied Up Today As suggested by my sons I am chronicling my neckwear and rationale.
Tied Up Today · 3d ago

22-23 June 17

National Pink Day is always celebrated on 23 June. Since that's Friday this year, I'm wearing my super hot pink tie one day early. Nobody knows why this date was selected to honor the color ...
Tied Up Today · 5d ago

21 June 17

No special events for today, so I get to debut this great Father's Day present (from Beth)! It's a Jerry Garcia "Snail Garden" tie, and it came with a JGARCIA guitar tie tack! (If your memor...
Tied Up Today · 6d ago

20 June 17

Repeating last year's discoveries for 20 June: On this date in 1782, the Constitutional Congress accepted Charles Thomson's design for the Great Seal of the new country, featuring a bald e...
Tied Up Today · 1w ago

19 June 17

Graphic artist M. C. Escher was born on 17 June 1898. My tie for today is based on his tessellation of "flying fish." For more wonderful creations, search for "escher images" and enjoy the p...
Tied Up Today · 1w ago

18 June 17

For Father's Day I've chosen my "Papa Seeds" tie. It is based on a photo of me, holding Mallie, shortly after she was born (in July, 2013). The name Seeds was chosen for me by Ben and Jonath...
Tied Up Today · 1W ago

14 June 17

Happy Flag Day!
Tied Up Today · 1W ago

13 June 17

Today I'm honoring the birthday of James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879), often acclaimed as the "third greatest physicist of all time" after Newton and Einstein. His research into electricity and...
Tied Up Today · 2W ago

12 June 17

On this date in 1665, England created "New York" where New Amsterdam had been. But I've worn all four of my New-York-City-themed ties recently, so today I've chosen one of my own favorite co...
Tied Up Today · 2W ago

11 June 17

Wearing my under-the-sea fishy tie to honor explorer Jacques Cousteau's birthday in 1910!
Tied Up Today · 2W ago

8 June 17

Happy 60th Birthday, Scott Adams! To honor the creator of DilbertĀ®, I'm wearing my own version of an upturned red/black striped tie. The comic is from 22 April 1989.