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Tied Up Today As suggested by my sons I am chronicling my neckwear and rationale.
Tied Up Today · 15h ago

21 August 17

For this Day of Darkness, I'm letting the moon shine out from my tie. (You could also consider my attire as showing the moon standing in front of this "son.") The Great Solar Eclipse of 2017...
Tied Up Today · 1d ago

20 August 17

Robert and Wilma Wollenweber were married on this date in 1949, so this would have been their 68th anniversary! (Dad died last October.) They gave me this purple boxes tie some years ago, an...
Tied Up Today · 3d ago

17 August 17

This is National Smile Week! Or at least it was, in 2010 and 2013, according to some Web calendars. (Maybe reading that made you smile or smirk?) Anyway, Snoopy Joe Preppy is always ready to...
Tied Up Today · 3d ago

16 August 17

Happy Birthday to our son (by inclusion) David Haskins! David spends many hours making things work well at the Amazon distribution center in Lexington, KY. This tie originally belonged to Ja...
Tied Up Today · 6d ago

15 August 17

Happy National Relaxation Day!
Tied Up Today · 1w ago

14 August 17

Happy Birthday, Gary Larson! The creator of The Far Side cartoons was born on this date in 1950. I have no official Far Side tie, but I think my "Silly Songs with Larry" VeggieTales® tie, co...
Tied Up Today · 1W ago

12-13 August 17

Yesterday, 12 August, was World Elephant Day. I like my African Elephant tie very much! It was a Father's Day gift in 2011. Today our 4-month-old grandson Paul Robert also decided to wear a ...
Tied Up Today · 1W ago

9-10 August 17

Yesterday was Susan Burberry's birthday! Susan and her husband Clyde David have been special family friends since soon after we arrived in Berea, Kentucky, in fall 1986. She asked me to wear...
Tied Up Today · 1W ago

8 August 17

With no special occasion to celebrate today, I chose to show off one of my birthday presents! This tie came from my grandson Nate (Nathanael), with shopping help from sister Mallie. Nate Dav...
Tied Up Today · 2W ago

7 August 17

Happy Birthday to our Zambian "sister"/"daughter" Steriah Mwiinga! Beth's Mom and Dad met Steriah in 2000 during a short-term mission assignment. We have formed a strong Internet friendship ...