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Tied Up Today As suggested by my sons I am chronicling my neckwear and rationale.
Tied Up Today · 3d ago

19 October 17

Today is "Purple Thursday," a day to raise awareness about domestic, spousal and teen dating violence and emotional abuse. Wearing purple today signifies my personal concerns to care about t...
Tied Up Today · 3d ago

18 October 17

Today I'm making up for Monday's celebration of World Food Day. (EKU was on "Fall Break" for two days.) My tie features many nutritious foods, including beets, tomatoes, chicken and corn.
Tied Up Today · 5d ago

15-16 October 17

Seven years ago, on 16 October, Ben Kleppinger and Amanda Wheeler were married in a beautiful outdoor celebration at Indian Fort Mountain here in Berea. Last week they enjoyed the sights and...
Tied Up Today · 1W ago

12-13 October 17

Tomorrow (Friday, a no-tie day for me) is Matt Lang's 26th birthday! Matt is one of my favorite nephews, whose all-time favorite topic is TRAINS. He works as an electrician and conductor for...
Tied Up Today · 1W ago

11 October 17

Today is Take-Your-Teddy-Bear-To-Work Day! My own polar bear stays in my office (which I keep arctic cold all the time). His name is "Cokie" because he carries his own bottle of Coca-Cola® e...
Tied Up Today · 1W ago

10 October 17

Today is Sunflower Day (19 Vendémiaire, "Tournesol") on the French Republican Calendar. I like Van Gogh's sunflowers.
Tied Up Today · 1W ago

9 October 17

Wearing a shimmery pink and purple tie to help celebrate a bunch of birthdays today: chemist Hermann Emil Fischer (1852-1919), physicist Max von Laue (1879-1960), evangelist Aimee Semple McP...
Tied Up Today · 1W ago

8 October 17

Today marks the birthday of Brian Fallis, a coworker in Information Technology at EKU, who also happened to move into the house across the street from us in August 2016. In common parlance, ...
Tied Up Today · 2W ago

5 October 17

Today marks the 115th anniversary of the birth of Ray Kroc, the man who franchised McDonald's® into a global powerhouse. (He died in 1984.) My tie shows a "cityscape" built from McDonald's f...
Tied Up Today · 2W ago

4 October 17

For World Animals Day, and for the Feast of St. Francis, I'm wearing my tie featuring medallions of animals and rose windows. St. Francis learned the joy of "preaching to the animals" and th...