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Tied Up Today As suggested by my sons I am chronicling my neckwear and rationale.
Tied Up Today · 13h ago

16 January 18

My workplace (EKU) is closed today due to a winter storm, but I cannot pass up the opportunity to celebrate my son Benjamin's 32nd birthday! He asked me to wear my Salvador Dalí "Time Warp" ...
Tied Up Today · 2d ago

14-15 January 18

I found this tie while visiting the Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Atlanta, in October. It was hard to wait until this weekend to wear it! The tie features ph...
Tied Up Today · 5d ago

11 January 18

Joseph Caminiti, my nephew(-in-law) in Pennsylvania, is celebrating his birthday today! He asked me to wear my moonscape tie, with this rationale: "I love the beautiful pockmarked texture, a...
Tied Up Today · 5d ago

10 January 18

10 January 1920: Inauguration of the League of Nations10 January 1946: First meeting of the United Nations General Assembly
Tied Up Today · 1W ago

8 January 18

With no special occasion for today, I'm wearing this great "motherboard" tie, a Christmas gift from our neighbor Cristy Fallis and her family. I will note the birthdays today of Elvis Presle...
Tied Up Today · 1W ago

7 January 18

Happy Birthday, Rachel Beatty! Rachel is the fiancee of my nephew Matt Lang, as of ten days ago. I showed her photos of my Christmas tie gifts, and she immediately chose the legal pad tie! (...
Tied Up Today · 1W ago

4 January 18

This is the Eleventh Day of Christmas, and it's also National Spaghetti Day. So I'm enjoying a free baked spaghetti dish at Fazoli's® and wearing my Merry Christmas bells and wreaths tie. An...
Tied Up Today · 1W ago

3 January 18

It's the Tenth Day of Christmas! So I'm doing some lordly leaping while wearing these ornaments on my tie. Happy Birthday to writer J. R. R. Tolkien (1892-1973), Habitat for Humanity founder...
Tied Up Today · 2W ago

31 December 17

For the Seventh Day of Christmas, which is also known as New Year's Eve, I'm wearing one of my more sedate Christmas ties, featuring brightly wrapped presents on solid green!
Tied Up Today · 2W ago

24 December 17

Musical angels for Christmas Eve -- and this is my second-last tie for 2017!