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Tied Up Today As suggested by my sons I am chronicling my neckwear and rationale.
Tied Up Today · 2h ago

21 November 17

Today I'll show off the "tail" from my Looney Tunes tie that features Tweety Bird! The speech-challenged animated yellow canary made his debut on this date in 1942. (Yes, Tweety Bird is male...
Tied Up Today · 3d ago

20 November 17

Edwin Hubble was born on this date in 1889. The Hubble Space Telescope is named to honor this man who is credited with discovering the first star and galaxy outside the Milky Way. In 1923, w...
Tied Up Today · 4d ago

19 November 17

Mickey Mouse was first seen in "Steamboat Willie," released on 18 November 1928. So Mickey Mouse is 89 years old! My tie shows him singing into a microphone while Goofy plays the tuba -- and...
Tied Up Today · 1w ago

16-17 November 17

November 17 marks the birthday of August Ferdinand Möbius, 1790-1868. He is most famous for his mathematical description of the Möbius strip (or loop), which is a looped surface that has onl...
Tied Up Today · 1w ago

15 November 17

Today's tie belonged to Otha Dell Brigance (1922-2000), who was born on this date. Mr. Brigance eventually had a granddaughter whom we know as Rachel Haskins -- and who counts as one of our ...
Tied Up Today · 1w ago

14 November 17

Happy Orange Day! On the French Republican Calendar, the day 24 Brumaire (corresponding to 14 November) was designated to honor the fruit of the orange tree.
Tied Up Today · 1W ago

13 November 17

The 13th of November must be a red-letter day for someone or something! Please help me find something to celebrate today!
Tied Up Today · 1W ago

11 November 17

Today I am a "poster presenter" at the annual conference for the National Collegiate Honors Council (most of the Honors Programs and Honors Colleges from across the U. S.). My poster covers ...
Tied Up Today · 2W ago

8 November 17

This is Dorothy Day's Day! Day was born on this day in 1897. The short story is that she was "an American journalist, social activist, and Catholic convert. Day initially lived a bohemian li...
Tied Up Today · 2W ago

7 November 17

On this date in 1965, American television viewers were first treated to commercials starring "Poppin' Fresh," the Pillsbury Doughboy®. My tie shows the giggling, puffy mini-baker on a backgr...