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tilting at windmills · 13h ago

2017 A to Z mashup Pt 2

If you don't know what this post is about, read this and come back.  For those of you who do know what's going on (relatively speaking), let's get right to the fun!N is for Naam.   According...
tilting at windmills · 1d ago

Time Machine co-ordinates VXVII42642787

"Yep, I c'n fix it.""What went wrong?""Well, these here ve-hicles aren't meant for XET.""XET?""Extra-era travel.  Y'all c'nt be goin' off around outside yer parameters like that.""Can I re-a...
tilting at windmills · 4d ago

Martin World News

ITEM:  How better to mark (so to speak) the return of MWN than with  the story of State Rep Jessica Farrar of Texas, party you'll soon be able to guess.  Her obsession is being pro-choice (s...
tilting at windmills · 5d ago

Weekend picture catchup

His Eminence playing peekaboo in the grassTon of RVs by the Plex- something going on this weekend!
tilting at windmills · 6d ago

Sunday Message: Cush and the bunny trail.

Psalms 7 starts like this:A shiggaion of David, which he sang to the LORD concerning the words of Cush, a Benjamite.Which of course started me down the bunny trail of "Who is Cush, the Benja...
tilting at windmills · 1W ago

Time Machine Co-ordinates VXVI42542159

Today, buffeted by the winds of time, we find ourselves landing on April 21, 1959, where at first I thought my A's, then in Kansas City, did a stupid thing- but wait, that's tomorrow.  Then ...
tilting at windmills · 1W ago

Tuesday Afternoon...

The mid-size trees are greening upNow we have Dutchmen's Britches too...
tilting at windmills · 1W ago

Everything's relative + more pics

So I tumbled onto an article on that I had to laugh at.  A while back, BBC ran an article on the ten greatest achievements of 2016.  This list included such scientific stun...
tilting at windmills · 1W ago

Weekend picture recap

Scrappy at the bark park with Reagan and  another buddy Wednesday..."Dude, bad breath, man! &nb
tilting at windmills · 1W ago

Sunday Message- Resurrection

I found myself mentioning to a friend the other day that my personal journey from raised Catholic to saved Evangelical, among the many big changes, bore a change at how I look at Holy Week. ...