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Time And Space · 2M ago

Extra Grace Required

The email in my inbox was a direct challenge to me. I knew it as soon as I read it. It virtually leapt off the screen at me!You see, it was talking about all those people who persistently wi...
Time And Space · 2M ago

Where's Your Head At?

Where's your head at? (Y'all know how it be) Where's your head at? Where's your head at? (You don't make it easy on yourself) Where's your head at? (What you give is what you get... ...
Time And Space · 3M ago

Peace, Love, and Understanding

"As I walk through This wicked world Searchin' for light in the darkness of insanity. I ask myself Is all hope lost? Is there only pain and hatred, and misery?And each time I feel like ...
Time And Space · 3M ago

Getting Up, Fighting Back

I woke up feeling really low.I wasn't operating at full strength, as I was recovering from the after effects of a cold. I still felt the stress of the previous day....Yesterday was an absurd...
Time And Space · 4M ago

Dealing with Negativity

I didn't much care for the constant stream of negativity that was coming down the phone at me. Was that all my fault? I very much doubt it. Was it therefore a chance for the person to offloa...
Time And Space · 5M ago

Oh So Quiet

It's oh so quietShh shhIt's oh so stillShh shhYou're all aloneShh shhAnd so peaceful until....(Lyrics from "It's Oh So Quiet" by Hans Lang and Bert Reisfeld. Shared during a wonderful hour d...
Time And Space · 5M ago

Coping With Chaos

Yesterday evening was, quite honestly, chaotic. It was physically and emotionally draining. I had trouble recovering from it long after it was over. This was after a weekend when my plans we...
Time And Space · 5M ago

Philippians 4:6

Time And Space · 5M ago

Being Sensitive

I used to think that being sensitive meant that I was somehow weak, or broken.  Because, that's what I was told a while ago.But I'm not.It just means that I process things a little different...
Time And Space · 5M ago

What Is My Legacy?

I spent nearly an hour or so this morning watching a BBC programme about people who had passed away in 2016. There were, as you might imagine, quite a lot of names. And the list wasn't even ...