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Timeless Environments · 2W ago

SOULSHINE - Food - Coffee - Love (Mission Beach - San Diego, California)

Vegan, Organic and Gluten Free ??? šŸ˜² Yes šŸ˜‹Photo - Elisabet Franck April 29, 2018Image taken by another customer at Soulshine
Timeless Environments · 1M ago

Megafauna were the "Ecosystem Engineers" not Wildfire

Hey Look, if Cornell University can say thatĀ Snakes act as 'ecosystem engineers' in seed dispersal because they eat cute little field mice with bulging check pouches loaded with seeds which ...
Timeless Environments · 1M ago

Sharing is Caring or just another Greenwash ??? (Dockless-Bike craze)

Have you seen the new Bike SharingĀ Rental craze going on in major cities around the world ???Ā Image - Tommy AlvenThis spot above is a photo of "Stenpiren" (The Stone Pier). Several boats fer...
Timeless Environments · 1M ago

The little things in Nature I miss living over here in Sweden

So let's be completely honest, there is one obvious thing I miss more than anything else, especially this time of year when darkness rules over Scandinavia with theĀ  lack of sunshine along w...
Timeless Environments · 2M ago

Municipal Infrastructure can influence the Public on using California Native in Landscaping

TakeĀ Santee LakesĀ & San Diego River WalkĀ inĀ California as an exampleSanteeSaturdays Episode 22: Santee Lakes - San Diego Real Estate Agent: Kyle WhisselGrowing up through the 1960s, Santee L...
Timeless Environments · 3M ago

Northern Arizona University: Mycorrhizal Fungi boost nutritional value up the Food Chain

Plants, and bacteria, and fungi! Oh My!Image - Wanderlust TravelNancy Johnson collecting soil samples in the SerengetiNancy Johnson, an Northern Arizona University ecology professor, contrib...
Timeless Environments · 3M ago

Sustainable Alternative Uses for Western Juniper

Invasion Alert! The western juniper (juniperus occidentalis) šŸ˜¬šŸ˜±šŸ˜ØImage - earthbeours.domThe beautiful ancient looking tree above is named the Bennett Juniper and it's believed to be the oldes...
Timeless Environments · 4M ago

How exactly does one go about fixing what ails the Salton Sea ???

Interesting set of articles recently from theĀ Los Angeles Times on various schemes for fixing the problems of theĀ Salton SeaĀ Animated Gif - Los Angeles Times(Gary Coronado /Los Angeles Times...
Timeless Environments · 4M ago

Nature and a different kind of "Pay to Play"

Phoney Outrage, Self-Righteous Indignation add to these the words/terms bogus, false, fake, pseudo, assumptions, ostentatious, insincere or pretentious, etc. Shall I go on ???The angry fist ...
Timeless Environments · 4M ago

Ingredients vs Michel Roux Jr (Another Origins Fail)

PopSci Journals are amazing. TheyĀ can be totally wrong, later change their story, invoke unseen phenomena, and claim they are providing ā€œunderstandingā€ of the natural world's reality. And wh...