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The Nerd Bird · 1Y ago


Sometimes we say things and, even though we say them correctly, they aren't heard that way. When you live with someone, you're bound to experience some form of miscommunication. I try to enunciate and speak loudly, but there are times I get lazy and ...
The Nerd Bird · 1Y ago

Mental Health Awareness

To be honest, I've always been a fairly anxious creature. I have, in fact, perfected the art of worrying and I grow more adept at it as time passes, especially now that motherhood is in the ...
The Nerd Bird · 1Y ago

Screw You, Fitbit

Listen here, Fitbit.You might be able to guilt me into getting my fat ass outside to do so...
The Nerd Bird · 2Y ago

This Is Not A Mummy Blog

While the little one sleeps, I'm stealing a moment to update my very loved and completely neglected blog. But if I loved it so, would I neglect it in this fashion? Sure. I think of it like l...
The Nerd Bird · 2Y ago

What A Year

I'm still here,  even though it feels as though I've been floating outside myself for most of this year. Honestly,  I will never be able to top the sheer craziness and wonderment the past 12 months has brought. With all the changes, life is completel...
The Nerd Bird · 2Y ago


I believe in magic.Today, I walked past the ocean and ventured into the woods. The earth was damp from the tears Mother Nature shed the night before, leaving behind a sodden pathway and the most invigorating scent. And as I walked, I noticed the rain...
The Nerd Bird · 2Y ago

Welcome, October!

As some, or most anyone reading this, knows. I am an October fanatic. Not just Halloween. ...