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The Nerd Bird · 11M ago


Sometimes we say things and, even though we say them correctly, they aren't heard that way. When you live with someone, you're bound to experience some form of miscommunication. I try to enunciate and speak loudly, but there are times I get lazy and ...
The Nerd Bird · 1Y ago

Mental Health Awareness

To be honest, I've always been a fairly anxious creature. I have, in fact, perfected the art of worrying and I grow more adept at it as time passes, especially now that motherhood is in the ...
The Nerd Bird · 1Y ago

Screw You, Fitbit

Listen here, Fitbit.You might be able to guilt me into getting my fat ass outside to do so...
The Nerd Bird · 1Y ago

This Is Not A Mummy Blog

While the little one sleeps, I'm stealing a moment to update my very loved and completely neglected blog. But if I loved it so, would I neglect it in this fashion? Sure. I think of it like l...
The Nerd Bird · 1Y ago

What A Year

I'm still here,  even though it feels as though I've been floating outside myself for most of this year. Honestly,  I will never be able to top the sheer craziness and wonderment the past 12 months has brought. With all the changes, life is completel...
The Nerd Bird · 1Y ago


I believe in magic.Today, I walked past the ocean and ventured into the woods. The earth was damp from the tears Mother Nature shed the night before, leaving behind a sodden pathway and the most invigorating scent. And as I walked, I noticed the rain...
The Nerd Bird · 1Y ago

Welcome, October!

As some, or most anyone reading this, knows. I am an October fanatic. Not just Halloween. ...