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C.J. Prince and Friends

I am honored to be one of C.J. Prince’s friends to be performing with her this evening! If you are in the Denver area, please join us! We would love to see you. 6:00 pm – 8:45 pm By the way,...
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Bell Jar Tomatoes

Each tomato nestled inside one of seven bell jars soldiered neatly atop our garden wall. “It’s an experiment,” she whispered, clad in raincoat and boots, umbrella ready at hand. “What kind o...
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In the Cave of Our Ancestors

  Upon our broken land, Ancestors, we ask for your return that we may be the hollow bones to bear and tender your healing. May we walk in beauty upon our land. May we walk in beauty upon our...
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  Once I lived with old grown trees, arms bent to their years, crooked under time’s long breath. Cattails at attention. Rushing stream after storm pushing over, pushing round rocks where gen...
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The moment life calls you… you go. There is no other moment than now.
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The tree is full this year. Hailstorm and early frost retreated. Branches held tight to buds and filled my shade, round and luscious. Only a mosaic of muted rays peak through ample arms hold...
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  Author’s Note: To my lovely followers I must apologize. I want to let you know why I haven’t posted in quite a while. I’ve been busy on this project. Another apology. This post is loooooon...
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93 degrees

  He wants me to go outside. It’s 93 degrees. He likes to lay in the sun. The air conditioning just came on. I thought it might be broken. It’s not. I told him, “Later.”
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  and we dance to the rhythm that hums and chants our constancy evergreen
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  Coming near closer with all I am all I own in the aloneness of being in the amplitude of that which enclaves me I find you where you’ve always been not out but within