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Leaving Treasure

  I seat an egg cockleshell miles from it’s home, where waves of grass abound instead of water. I deposit it lightly where branch once protracted from trunk rooted deeply underground. “It’s ...
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  Crickets troll in harmony with birds I cannot see gathered within nests and cloistered under leaves. A symphony of feathered things and crawly sorts as besom winds transverse.
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    I. I saw you this day. Damselfly or dragon, I could not tell. You lifted sprightly from ebon thick mud, I thought, much too early. Do you not know there still may be snow to emblazon you...
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    Elfin bursts of lavender, impish saffron flare, ruby-studded milky stars, we almost slight you under foot and paw. Winsome faces raise to sun’s genteel sigh, and give us pause to linger ...
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Now and Me

  I am that dancer whose hips were too large with legs much too short, but now, with age much too long, I dance anyway, in rain, no umbrella needed. I am that actor who wasn’t a star but liv...
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  I love the wind It fills me up and gives me strength This night is different There is no rain Yet trees thrash knocking windows scraping the side of the house A pathetic call as if I am to...
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    She woke to snow. Trees bending low to ground. Naive leaves encrusted with rain frozen into flurry’s handiwork. This would not do. There would be no journey, journey dreamed in hibernati...
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  Day Thirty, the End     I call it big water, the ocean. It was a year ago today I walked near crow picking out his mussel lunch along the bight. Sand and shell placed gingerly inside my em...
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Shake The Trees

  Day Twenty-Nine     I had to shake the trees. It seemed almost cruel. Broomstick in hand, under great canopies of new born leaves frozen within a shell of unforgiving spring snow, I heaved...
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  Day Twenty-Eight     In spring flowers are to bloom, buds to burst with life, sun to warm ground awakening that which slumbers. Here snow aligns itself along reaching limbs, arcing to grou...