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To Create... · 5d ago

93 degrees

  He wants me to go outside. It’s 93 degrees. He likes to lay in the sun. The air conditioning just came on. I thought it might be broken. It’s not. I told him, “Later.”
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  and we dance to the rhythm that hums and chants our constancy evergreen
To Create... · 1W ago


  Coming near closer with all I am all I own in the aloneness of being in the amplitude of that which enclaves me I find you where you’ve always been not out but within  
To Create... · 1W ago


  In balance I step hoop’s thin path like a circus act only there is no net only balance around I spiral from center to eternity held safely in our parity
To Create... · 1W ago


  Nil, void. I begin there and there I hear you. From nothing, a beat, infinite pulse, our indissoluble song.
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  There are birds at four thirty am and I am beckoned from my deep colorless silence to join in their raucous anointing of dawn.
To Create... · 2W ago

Thirteen Crows

Why do thirteen crows, lifted high above my head, circle round and cry out, then proceed southwest to a grey bank of clouds hiding our late spring sunset? Why do more follow, then more, unti...
To Create... · 3W ago

the big picture

  To notice only the big picture, I know only a part of the story. Until I risk to step in close, look deeply, I can’t discern your treasure.
To Create... · 3W ago

Culture of Me/3

  Eggshells pile in a bowl on a counter next to a tin. The day broke open. Sun wrinkles through the cracks, glows like yolks no longer in residence. Just a reminder – we have more to do, alw...
To Create... · 3W ago

The Culture of Me/2

  I unfurl, allow you to enter. Rooms of wonder, my residence, your brilliance attended.