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To Love, Honor and Vacuum · 15h ago

The Slippery Slope of Selfie Obsession

 Is your teen addicted to selfies?  It seems like a weird question, doesn’t it? But it’s a real issue–more and more, teenagers are becoming obsessed with having the perfect online image, and it can seriously impact their quality of life. Before the s...
To Love, Honor and Vacuum · 1d ago

I Do (Take Two)–When God Gives the Gift of a Second Marriage

How do you recover after the heartbreak of a divorce?  Today I’m happy to introduce Lauren McKinley, the founder of Her Soul Repair, who is telling her story of healing after her husband’s affair and her divorce. She has such an amazing testimony of ...
To Love, Honor and Vacuum · 2d ago

10 Things That Surprised Us as Christian Sex Bloggers

I’ve been a Christian marriage blogger since 2008, but a Christian sex blogger since 2012. That’s when I really changed how I saw myself. And around 2010 or 2011, when I started transitioning to writing more about sex, I found J from Hot, Holy and Hu...
To Love, Honor and Vacuum · 3d ago

Reader question: How Do You Stop Obsessing Over Your Husband’s Past?

How do you go about overcoming jealousy and getting over your spouse’s sexual past–or obsessing over his present? Dealing with our loved one’s sexual baggage is a huge part of many people’s ...
To Love, Honor and Vacuum · 6d ago

Why Not Just Make His Day?

Why is it that we so often get so caught up in how busy we feel, how put upon we feel, how tired we feel, that we forget how easy it can be to make someone’s day? Every Friday I like to put up a marriage thought to help get us through the weekend! An...
To Love, Honor and Vacuum · 1w ago

How I Understand Submission in Marriage

The post How I Understand Submission in Marriage appeared first on To Love, Honor and Vacuum.
To Love, Honor and Vacuum · 1W ago

Are You Setting an Example of a Good Marriage for Your Kids?

Today I want to talk about something near and dear to my heart: Are you modelling a good marriage for your kids? It’s great to teach kids things, but it’s so much better to show them. And one of the things I really wanted to teach my kids was how to ...
To Love, Honor and Vacuum · 1W ago

5 Ways to Love Your Husband Through Infertility

Has infertility begun to weaken your marriage? First and foremost let me say how much my heart goes out to you and your husband if you’re walking the road of infertility. Today I have a post from Natasha Metzler, an author and blogger who has an amaz...
To Love, Honor and Vacuum · 1W ago

Reader Question: My Husband’s Penis is Sloped the Wrong Way

What do you do if your husband’s penis is sloped downward? Every Monday I like to post a reader question, and this one is a really sad one–and one that I hope every parent will read, because it’s important for our sons. A woman writes: I got married ...
To Love, Honor and Vacuum · 1W ago

Why Anger Is Not Always a Bad Emotion–even in Marriage

Is it okay to speak the truth in love in marriage? This week started out with an interesting discussion on the blog about what to do if your husband has a really big belly–which makes sex difficult. A number of commenters said that this was completel...