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Today’s Fine Food · 1Y ago

Veal Brisket Stewed In Doppelbock

I make no secret of the fact that I love meat braised or stewed in beer. And my favourite beer style to do this is doppelbock because of its sweetness and richness in flavour. In German cui...
Today’s Fine Food · 1Y ago

Pork Loin Roast With Noilly Prat

Most of the times when I cook a pork roast I go for the traditional Bavarian "Krustenbraten". This recipe has some similarties but it uses a liquid you would not normally associate with pork...
Today’s Fine Food · 1Y ago

Salame Rosa – Mortadella’s Little Known Sister

Everybody knows mortadella, the famous Italian sausage from Bologna. Last year I even tried to make it myself. When I was in Bologna last year I discovered a sausage that is related to morta...
Today’s Fine Food · 1Y ago

Pork Hock With Chocolate Sauce

About 20 years ago during a short stay in Paris I went to the famous Table d'Anvers restaurant. The menu featured a very strange dish that caught my attention: veal head with chocolate sauce...
Today’s Fine Food · 2Y ago

Old-Fashioned Cocktail Tartlets

The Old-Fashioned is one of my favourite cocktails. Its simplicity makes is very easy to transfer the concept to baking. It only containes bourbon, sugar and cocktail bitters.
Today’s Fine Food · 1Y ago

Osso Bocko – Veal Shank In Doppelbock

Here I used doppelbock for a strictly Bavarian version of the famous Italian osso bucco. The side dishes are typically Bavarian too, pretzel dumplings and Speckkrautsalat, a kind of coleslaw...
Today’s Fine Food · 1Y ago

Pork Ragout With Rosemary, Orange Zest, Polenta Squares And Gratinated Broccoli

Because I was so delighted by the flavour combination of rosemary and orange zest in the vetricina teramana I made recently I thought I might give this a try in a proper meal. It turns out t...
Today’s Fine Food · 1Y ago

Ventricina Teramana – almost original

When I asked my sausage making Facebook friends what kind of salumi other than guanciale or 'nduja to make from a pork jowl, someone proposed vetricina teramana. I had heard of that sausage ...
Today’s Fine Food · 1Y ago

Twenty-four Hour Shortribs In Red Wine with Bone Marrow Mash

Earlier this year I made cholent, a traditional Jewish dish that is braised overnight to avoid kitchen work on shabbat. Now low-temperature braised beef is a wonderful thing, and so I decide...
Today’s Fine Food · 1Y ago

Chicken With Morel Mushrooms And Vin Jaune

This is a classic dish from Jura region in France. It is quite simple to make but the ingredients will set you back quite a bit, especially if you decide to use a Bresse chicken for complete...