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Today's The Day! · 6M ago


In 2017 I will be STRONG. When I think of the word strong, my first thought always goes to “physically strong”. And I don’t think of myself as being physically strong. I need Hilary to ope...
Today's The Day! · 7M ago

I tried to be Healthy

My word of the year for 2016 was HEALTHY.  I wanted to:eat healthyimprove my physical healthhave healthy relationshipsbe emotionally healthyimprove my overall mental health2016 has been an i...
Today's The Day! · 1Y ago

Rainbow of Colour

One of the downsides of having short hair is that the style is the style... there isn't much you can do with it.  At best if I let it grow a bit long I can spike it up, but that only lasts f...
Today's The Day! · 1Y ago


Today we made a "catio" so that the feline members of the household can safely enjoy the great outdoors.
Today's The Day! · 1Y ago

Drouin Family Reunion

The Drouin side of my family is fairly large.  My father was 1 of 10 siblings, most of whom had several children, who have had children and so on.  We are all spread out across not just Cana...
Today's The Day! · 1Y ago

Happy New Year

Yes the new year started a week ago, but for our family we are starting it today. Today everyone is healthy - and what better way to start a new year off!2015 was not a good year for us heal...
Today's The Day! · 1Y ago


I've been thinking of my 2016 word of the year choice for a couple of weeks now.  I was pretty sure that it was going to be HEALTHY, so it's very ironic that as I type this I can barely stan...
Today's The Day! · 1Y ago

What did you say?

For years now my family has joked about my hearing loss. It’s not a profound loss by any means, but it does lead to a lot of frustration on everyone’s part. Too many times someone will...
Today's The Day! · 1Y ago


My word of the year for 2015 was DETERMINED.  I had many categories that I was determined to do well in, or improve upon.Laugh moreLove more Eat healthierRun moreDo well at TKDEnjoy life to ...
Today's The Day! · 1Y ago

Much Ado About Nothing

Every year the grade 7s at Liam's school study a Shakespeare comedy and then put on a stage production a a local theatre.  This year was Liam's turn to star as Conrade in Much Ado About Noth...