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Today's The Day! · 2M ago

When Life Gives You Lemons

I have worked in my current career for the past 23 years. In those 23 years I have moved across the country because of it, worked for 3 different companies, survived mergers, buyouts, renam...
Today's The Day! · 3M ago

The adoptee and her DNA

This past summer Liam expressed interest in finding out more about his ancestral background, so we ordered 2 DNA testing kits - one for him and one for myself.  As the adoptees of the family...
Today's The Day! · 4M ago


My word for 2018 is BALANCE. I see BALANCE being important in many aspects of my life.Balance work and home lifeI have the advantage of being able to work from home for the most part, so thi...
Today's The Day! · 4M ago

I am Strong

When I selected STRONG as my word of the year for 2017, I wasn't 100% sure what STRONG would look like for me.I want to be strong in my resolve. I want to be strong in my convictions. I want...
Today's The Day! · 6M ago


I always thought of running as a solitary sport, not something that you did with others.  Boy was I wrong.When I first started running, I did a learn to run program and made my first running...
Today's The Day! · 7M ago

Flint the Donkey

As part of his birthday gift this year, my Mom sponsored a donkey in Liam's name at a farm near her that rescues donkey's and cares for them.  The Donkey Sanctuary has over 60 donkeys, and o...
Today's The Day! · 1Y ago


In 2017 I will be STRONG. When I think of the word strong, my first thought always goes to “physically strong”. And I don’t think of myself as being physically strong. I need Hilary to ope...
Today's The Day! · 1Y ago

I tried to be Healthy

My word of the year for 2016 was HEALTHY.  I wanted to:eat healthyimprove my physical healthhave healthy relationshipsbe emotionally healthyimprove my overall mental health2016 has been an i...
Today's The Day! · 1Y ago

Rainbow of Colour

One of the downsides of having short hair is that the style is the style... there isn't much you can do with it.  At best if I let it grow a bit long I can spike it up, but that only lasts f...
Today's The Day! · 1Y ago


Today we made a "catio" so that the feline members of the household can safely enjoy the great outdoors.